Emerging Technology

The Faculty Academic Center of Excellence at Towson (FACET) supports technological initiatives and partnerships to foster innovative instruction. 

FACET hosts events and maintains partnerships for a community of practice in emerging technologies at Towson University. Supported technologies include 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality and aerial vehicle (drone) technology. 

3D Printing 

FACET is now piloting 3D print services to support academic courses. The center maintains two professional grade 3D printers with large build surfaces with the ability to print in multiple durable plastic types. During the pilot, this service is free of charge for faculty requesting prints to support their academic courses. 

The SpecPhone

FACET helped modify a 3D instrument in CAD software to customize it for a course at TU. Learn more about the SpecPhone:

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Virtual Reality

FACET maintains virtual reality hardware and software including the Oculus Quest and professional-grade digitization equipment to support faculty interest in extended reality in instruction. FACET has a comprehensive lists of software experiences for most disciplines. 

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Drone Technology

With far-reaching implications in many disciplines, including archaeology, geography, and arts, drone technology could prove to be the catalyst in innovative teaching and learning. FACET has flown for instructional purposes on campus and has an FAA certified drone pilot on staff.

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