Initiatives & Priorities

We foster inclusive environments where students and faculty can engage in learning and teaching, scholarly research and creative work, and pursue opportunities for civic and ethical leadership.

Academic Vision

Towson University’s academic community will be one of America’s exemplary metropolitan based learning environments, known both for its understanding of and passion for engaging
people in collaborative and creative relationships that result in individual and collective learning, discovery and personal growth. The Office of the Provost leads the implementation of this vision by investing its resources in five distinct initiatives and programs.

Core Values

Towson University's academic community is a special one in which friendliness, caring and nurturing are much more than hollow words. In addition to the preservation of these important characteristics, the university's core academic values are:

  • Intellectual depth and integrity
  • Creativity in teaching, learning and discovery that leads to individual and collective transformation
  • Collaboration across disciplines
  • High standards in personal and unit performance
  • Commitment to a diverse and multicultural community
  • Civic responsibility and engagement