Task Forces & Committees

The following task forces have been established at Towson University: TIGER Way Task Force, Faculty Development Center Task Force and the Core Curriculum Revision Task Force. 

TIGER Way Task Force

The TIGER (Transfer, International, Graduate Enrollment Resource) Way Task Force was formed by the Office of the Provost and the Division of Student Affairs as a means of providing leadership for the TIGER Way initiative announced by Towson University President Kim Schatzel. President Schatzel introduced TIGER Way and established a charge for the initiative during her 2016 Spring Address:

“Studies have shown that college-level advisors and student affairs professionals positively impact the success and satisfaction of all students, but the impact on transfer and international students is extraordinary. Such investment will also free up faculty to focus on the type of mentoring about career and graduate school that they are best positioned to do. I want to package all these discrete efforts in a more deliberate way. It will be TU’s Transfer, International, Graduate Enrollment Resource Initiative or, because that is way too long—the TIGER Way for short. This initiative will provide us with a detailed enrollment model to inform programs and priorities for investment to better support these important student populations that mean so much to TU’s success and the vitality of our campus.”


Name/Title Department
Acharya, Subrata (Associate Professor) Computer & Information Sciences
Asletine, Elyshia (Assistant Professor) Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Berends, Mike (Assistant Vice President) Enrollment Marketing
Brace, Andrea (Assistant Professor) Health Science
Candia-Bailey, Bonnie (Assistant Vice President) Housing & Residence Life
DeLany, Janet (Dean) Office of Graduate Studies
Eskow, Karen (Associate Dean/Professor) College of Liberal Arts/Family Studies
Fedorchak, Dave (Director) University Admissions
Giordani, Bob (Associate Vice President), Co-Chair Enrollment Management
Huang, Jian (Assistant Professor) Finance
Jin, Lijun (Professor) Elementary Education
Kumchev, Angel (Associate Professor) Mathematics
LaFollette, Tavia (Assistant Professor) Theatre Arts
McKusick, John (Director) Academic Advising Center
Murray, Kathleen (Director) New Student Programs
Pace, Bethany (Assistant Provost) Office of the Provost
Ramsdell, Lea (Professor & Chairperson), Co-Chair Foreign Languages
Richman, Laila (Assistant Dean/Associate Professor) College of Education/Special Education
Saylor, Charlotte (Lecturer) Biological Sciences
Schmidt, Jeff (Associate Vice President/CIO) Office of Technology Services
Suleman, Saleha (Assistant Vice President) International Initiatives
Varwig, Jana (Associate Vice President) Student Affairs

Faculty Development Center Task Force

The Faculty Development Center Task Force was formed by the Office of the Provost as a means of providing leadership for the Faculty Development Center initiative announced by Towson University President Kim Schatzel during her 2016 Spring Address.

Task force members will advise the President and Provost on the development of a plan to create the Towson University Faculty Development Center. The plan will include such project elements as specific funding requirements for facilities, technology, collaborative space, seminars, teaching workshops, and staff, as well as stipends to support faculty development and promote academic innovation.

Task Force Updates


Name/Title Department
Arnold-Garza, Sara (Research & Instruction Librarian) Library
Baradwaj, Babu (Professor/Chairperson), Co-Chair Finance
Barker, Lisa (Assistant Professor) Secondary & Middle School Education
Chakraborty, Suranjan (Associate Professor) Computer & Information Sciences
Finkelstein, Carla (Assistant Professor) Instructional Leadership & Professional Development
Ghent, Cynthia (Associate Professor) Biological Sciences
Jensen, Chris (Director) Civic Engagement & Leadership
Johnson, Quincey (Lecturer) Business Excellence
Kedzior, Sya Buryn (Assistant Professor) Geography and Environmental Planning
Koot, Christian (Associate Professor) History
Kubitz, Karla (Associate Professor) Kinesiology
Lee, Jung-Sook (Professor/Chairperson) Mass Communication and Communication Studies
Meyer, Charles (Lecturer) Special Education
Miller, Kimberly (Learning Technologies Librarian) Library
Myers, Nicholas (Graduate Student) Graduate Student Association (GSA)
Neapolitan, Jane (Assistant Provost for Academic Innovation) Office of Academic Innovation
Pelatti, Christina Yeager (Assistant Professor) Audiology - Speech-Language Pathology and Deaf Studies
Reitz, Maggie (Vice Provost), Co-Chair Office of the Provost
Schmidt, Jeff (Associate Vice President/CIO) Office of Technology Services
Sigmon, Tyle (Clinical Assistant Professor) Kinesiology
Spitzer, Sandy (Associate Professor) Mathematics
Stansbury, Jessica (Lecturer) Psychology
Thavikulwat, Precha (Professor) Management
Young, Kalima (Adjunct) Electronic Media and Film


Core Curriculum Revision Task Force

The Core Curriculum Revision Task Force was formed by the Office of the Provost as a means to provide leadership to the review of Towson University’s Core Curriculum Requirements. While the Core Curriculum was implemented in 2011, there remain several important but unresolved issues, including the efficacy of the Core, our ability to support all categories and classes within it, and policies relating to the overlap between the Core and requirements of majors.

Task force members will be asked to engage in a comprehensive review of the existing Core Curriculum at Towson University, including its alignment with the recently revised Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) requirements. Additionally, task force members will advise the Provost and faculty on recommended changes to the Core Curriculum, to be implemented with the goal of maintaining a strong, focused, and relevant curricular foundation for Towson University undergraduate students.


Name/Title Department
Ampadu, Lena (Professor) English
Arkell-Kleis, Alicia (Associate Director) University Admissions
Armstrong, James (Adjunct Faculty, Undergraduate Advising Coordinator) Mass Communication and Communication Studies, Electronic Media and Film
Browndorf, Megan (Research & Instruction Librarian) Library
Caronna, Carol (Professor, University Senate Representative) Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Cohen, Vicki (Associate Director) Academic Advising Center
Dombrowski-Risser, Nicole (Professor) History
Frey, Tracey (Director of Accreditation and Compliance Services) Office of the Provost
Giordani, Bob (Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management and Registrar) Enrollment Management
Jerome, Gerald (Associate Professor) Kinesiology
Jones, Sara (Adjunct Faculty) Music
McQuitty, Vicki (Assisant Professor) Elementary Education
Morris-Compoton, Darnell (Assistant Professor) Family Studies and Community Development
O'Leary, Michael (Professor, Chairperson) Mathematics
Peev, Plamen (Assistant Professor) Marketing
Plowfield, Lisa (Dean) College of Health Professions
Robertson, Karen (Associate Dean) College of Education
Robertson, Wayne (Director) Writing Center
Stump, Rod (Professor, Chairperson, Core Coordinator - Provost's Office), Co-Chair Marketing
Thompson, Virginia (Professor, Chairperson), Co-Chair Geography and Environmental Planning
Werts, Niya (Associate Professor) Health Science