Faculty Research Conference

This conference is an opportunity for faculty at any stage in their careers to share their work, reconnect with other TU faculty, and participate in emergent interdisciplinary research clusters.

MultiFACETed Research at TU  

October 29, 2021, 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m 
Main campus

Call for proposals is now closed

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Session Formats

format description
Gallery Talk (25 minutes) A presentation that includes a showcase of artwork and discussion/lecture.
Lecture Recital (25 minutes)  A presentation that includes both performance and discussion/lecture.
Panel (50 minutes) 3-4 papers submitted together around a common theme. Each panelist will present their paper.
Paper Presentation (15 minutes) Paper submitted singularly. It may be grouped in thematic panels proposed or suggested by the conference planning committee.
Performance (25 minutes) A presentation that includes only performance (e.g., music, theater, dance) with the option of audience talk back.
Poster If selected the presenter will create a standard sized poster to display throughout the conference. During the conference there will be a designated poster session where the presenter will discuss the contents.
Roundtable (25 minutes) 3-4 participants that will engage the audience in a discussion of a proposed topic.
Screening A presentation of a film or other recorded performance. This format can include recordings of performances presented since March 2020.
Other Propose a custom session format of your choice.