You never know when you'll need to save a life. Get prepared with CPR and AED training.


CPR can save lives in an emergency.  You can register for CPR training through the College of Health Professions or Campus Recreation.

We also encourage all students, faculty and staff to watch this short training video to learn how to do hands only CPR. It's free, easy to learn and helps save lives.

Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Towson's campus is home to more than 30 AEDs which can be used to restore a normal heart rhythm in someone experiencing cardiac arrest. There are AED locations in key campus buildings, and the TUPD and Event & Conference Services both have devices. No training is necessary to use these life-saving devices--when deployed, they provide audio instructions for easy use. Watch the PowerHeart G3 Plus AED Demo or PowerHeart G5 AED Demo video to see the device in action.

If someone on campus is showing signs or symptoms (PDF) of sudden cardiac arrest, using an AED within the first few minutes can improve their survival rate. If you deploy an AED but do not need to attach the electrodes to the patient, please fill out the AED reporting form. If you use an AED on campus, please complete the AED cardiac arrest report (PDF)  and fax it to Environmental Health and Safety at 410-704-2993 within 24 hours.

If the AED malfunctions during use, please complete a malfunction report (PDF) and fax it to Environmental Health and Safety at 410-704-2993 within 24 hours of the malfunction. You can learn more about AEDs via our AED Program manual (PDF)

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