Registration & Billing Schedules

Registration and Billing Schedule

The Student & University Billing Office prepares an eBill statement for students for each term, summer session and minimester after students register for classes in person or online.

There are distinct eBill schedules and due dates for the fall term, minimester, spring term and summer sessions. Failure to satisfy the eBill statement balance does not discharge the final obligation or late payment assessment and may result in the cancellation of your class schedule. Please note the last day to cancel your schedule in order to receive 100 percent adjustment of tuition and fees.  

Late Payment Fee

Bill payment must be received by the due date to avoid a late fee. A late fee of $150 will be assessed to the student's financial account if charges are paid after the scheduled bill payment due date, which appears on the eBill.

Registration Restrictions

If you have a university account balance in excess of $250, you will not be allowed to register.