Summer Sessions

The registration and billing schedules for the 2022 summer sessions.

Available BY
Bill Due Date
3/7/2022 -
4/6/2022 5/4/2022
4/6/2022 -
4/14/2022 5/4/2022
4/14/2022 -
4/21/2022 5/4/2022
4/21/2022 -
5/3/2022 5/17/2022
5/3/2022 -
5/21/2022 6/6/2022
5/21/2022 -
6/8/2022 6/22/2022
6/8/2022 -
6/24/2022 7/8/2022
6/24/2022 - 
7/12/2022 8/3/2022

Because of the abbreviated schedule, summer classes are not automatically cancelled when payment is late. In order to receive a 100% refund of tuition and fees, you must drop by the end of the change of schedule period for the class session. After that, students are responsible for the full financial obligation.

Summer 2022 Session Information

Session Dates Change of Schedule Period Withdrawal Deadline
I May 31 - July 6 May 31 - June 2 June 21
II May 31 - July 21 May 31 - June 3 June 28
III July 7 -
August 10
July 7 - July 11 July 28
IV May 31 -
August 10
May 31 - June 6 July 12

Registration Restrictions

If you have a university account balance in excess of $250, you will not be allowed to register.

eBill Notification and Payment

Payment of the electronic tuition bill (eBill) is the responsibility of the student and is due to the university each term. Notification that an eBill has been issued is communicated to each student via their TU campus email. Failure to pay or provide financial aid or third party documentation to cover the eBill statement balance does not discharge the financial obligation, including any late payment assessments. If you do not receive an eBill notification at least one week prior to your payment due date, please contact the Bursar's Office.

Securing or Canceling Your Schedule

If your account balance reflects a credit or zero balance, your class schedule will be secured for the term. If your account reflects a credit or zero balance and you choose NOT to attend the upcoming term, you MUST drop all of your classes by the end of the change of schedule period in order to receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees. You must drop online through Self Service. 

To withdraw online:

Notification to the instructor does not constitute a proper drop. If you fail to officially drop online, you will be financially responsible for all term charges. If you fail to drop your classes in the proper manner and timeframe, you will be financially responsible for all term charges. A $150 late fee is assessed to any student who does not pay in full or establish a payment plan with the university by their bill payment deadline.

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar.