About the SOS Form

The SOS Form is way to notify our office that a student needs assistance. When you submit a form, a member of the SOS Team will typically reach out within 48 hours to offer support.

Concerned about a student? Complete the SOS form and a member from our team will reach out.

Complete the SOS form

Frequently Asked Questions

The SOS Team serves as a first point of contact for students experiencing difficulties. They help students navigate challenges and connect them with ongoing resources.

The SOS Team is here to provide guidance and coach Faculty & Staff through difficult situations related to students of concern.

Typically, within 48 hours, a member of the SOS Team will review the form and reach out to connect with you or the referred student. It is important to note that meetings with the SOS Team are not mandatory and students can choose not to respond.

Yes. By completing a form for yourself, you can notify the Office of Student Outreach & Support about your current situation and provide all necessary background or documentation to ensure that we can help.

If you experienced a medical absence lasting longer than a week, the loss of a loved one, or are simply unsure how to overcome a problem in life, the SOS Team can help.

Yes. If you have concerns for a friend and believe they could use some support, fill out an SOS form and provide as much information as possible. A member of our team will reach out.

Yes. The information is private and falls under the Responsible Tiger Protocol. The only exception to this is information that falls under Maryland’s Mandated Reporter Policy, including credible risk to self or others in addition to instances of child, elder, and sexual abuse.

Yes. Forms can be submitted anonymously. However, this may limit the Office of Student Outreach & Support’s ability to connect with a student if more information is needed prior to outreach.

While it is entirely up to you, a warm hand off can go a long way in ensuring that a student connects with our office. A friendly statement that you have concerns and know some people that can help often makes all the difference.

No. The Office of Student Outreach & Support is not equipped for emergency response. If you have urgent concern for a student’s safety, contact TUPD at 410-704-4444. If a student is experiencing an urgent mental health concern, please contact the Counseling Center 24 hours a day at 410-704-2512.