Division of Student Affairs

A message from the Vice President of Student Affairs

Dr. Moriarty
Deb Moriarty, Ph.D. Vice President for Student Affairs

As the Vice President for Student Affairs at Towson University, I am committed to ensuring that, in addition to fulfilling their academic requirements, students also take the time to learn and to appreciate who they are and what they are capable of doing outside the classroom. The co-curricular activities/services/opportunities offered at our university complement academic life on campus. They are designed to enhance social, cultural, ethical, physical, spiritual and intellectual development.

The university is committed to the development of well-rounded students prepared to be leaders and active citizens at TU as well as in their communities upon graduation. The university's commitment to students is obvious around campus based on the variety and number of events, programs and resources available. The Division of Student Affairs consists of 15 departments and over 100 staff members dedicated to providing programs and services to enhance student learning and development.

If you have any questions, feel free to call my office at 410-704-2055 or send an e-mail to . My office is located in the Administration Building.