Black Student Leadership Conference

The 2021 Black Student Leadership Conference weekend will take place virtually April from April 15 to 17.

Conference Details

This year’s theme is Power, Privilege and Persistence: Level Up! Attendees will gain knowledge, tools and transferable skills to assist as they navigate their academic, professional and personal lives.

Break Out Sessions will:

  1. Acknowledge and navigate the power dynamics that exist to impede or assist development
  2. Activate and amplify the pride in our selves, community and culture
  3. Build resiliency and provide access to resources in order to achieve success


  • Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold
  • Tiara Swain, Relationship Manager of Search and Staffing, LinkedIn

Conference Schedule

Thursday, April 15th 4 to 6 PM

Real-Ish: Post-Graduation Support

Current students and recent graduates struggle with the idea of what to do after graduation, as they are faced with the realization that their degree does not guarantee the dream career they had expected. Some have shared sentiments such as “What’s next professionally? What am I supposed to do now?” which can include finding a job, career options, accepting entry-level positions and graduate school options. Join us for an evening that includes a networking Question and Answer period and an alumni panel discussion.

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Friday, April 16th

Time event
10 to 10:30 AM

The Charge
Dr. Shaunna Payne Gold

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10:45 to 11:30 AM

Session I: Are You Immune? Stereotyping as a Leader
LaVern Chapman and Renee McGlothlin

Unconscious bias is a fundamental component of our human nature and is so ingrained that it shapes our interactions and beliefs despite our desire not to do so. As leaders, we can sometimes, unwittingly, become victims of stereotyping. During this session, participation will revolve around determining who - from a diverse group of candidates - is selected for a leadership program. This training will be fun and eye-opening as you exercise gut feelings, instincts and emotions affecting your judgments.

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11:45 AM to 12:30 PM

Session II: The Day You Plant the Seed is Not the Day You Eat The Fruit
Raven Turner

Ambition is a strong desire to achieve something, and bringing that goal, dream, or desire to fruition is not going to happen overnight. It may take a month, six months, six years or even longer. However, daily you should be planting the “right” seeds and working towards the goals and desires that you have. That is how you experience success and reap a harvest. This is why the title of my presentation is “The Day you Plant the Seed is Not the Day you Eat the Fruit.” This presentation is designed to not only inspire students but help them see what it really takes to achieve something that is much greater than themselves. If you don't like the harvest you've produced, you have to plant different seeds. This presentation embodies resilience and overcoming adversity, identifying and following your passion and empowering yourself.

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12:45 to 1:30 PM

Session III: Goal Getter!
Roodinz Vital

Many people have aspirations in life that they are continually working towards but feel like progress is not being made. When this happens, frustration mounts and you want to quit. Whether with business or our personal lives, so many people are just missing a few ingredients that can take their work from good to GREAT! The purpose of this workshop is to highlight the 6 critical keys to maximizing what God has for you and your business!

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2:45 to 3:30 PM

Session IV: Hustle and Motivate: Building Resiliency and Overcoming the Odds
Kurt Turnier and Malik Turner

This presentation will provide attendees the necessary outlook and theories required to excel beyond their current circumstances and future hardships. Using the life lessons of modern day entrepreneurs and philanthropist: Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant, and Angela Davis, students will be able to develop and re-create their vision of what it means to embody Black excellence while demonstrating the power and ability to recover readily from adversity.

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2:45 to 3:30 PM

Session V: Transitioning to the Workforce
Ciera Parks

Congratulations! You’ve done everything right! You are off to your internship or post-graduation employment opportunity. Academically, your education has prepared you for the next steps. This session is designed to prepare you for what happens as you transition into the working world. First impressions are everything. Learn what you can do to avoid major career blunders.

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3:45 to 4:00 PM

Closing Remarks
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Saturday, April 17th 12 to 2 PM

Towson Black Alumni Alliance Summit

Sponsors and Partners

The Black Student Leadership Conference is a collaboration between the African American Student Development Program in the Center for Student Diversity and Student Activities, Towson Black Alumni Alliance and Student Success Programs.

For questions or accommodation requests, contact us via email at  or by calling us at 410-704-2051.