Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Day of Celebration

The Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Celebration is an opportunity to acknowledge and honor his life and legacy of social justice advocacy. The celebration takes place the first week in February, after the national holiday, once the TU community returns to campus.

Join us for the 2021 MLK Day Celebration. TU's very own Dr. Danice Brown (Associate Professor, Psychology) will serve as moderator, guiding the conversation on how Dr. King’s legacy is present or missing in our current social, political and cultural contexts.


Wilmon Christian III, EdD - Director of PRISM and the National Equity Network, University of Southern California

Khalilah Harris, EdD, JD - Managing Director, Center for American Progress

Keywuan Caulk, MEd - Director, Center for Social Justice Education and LGBT Communities, Rutgers University

Dominique White - SGA Director of Diversity and Inclusion