Center for Student Diversity

Towson University prepares its students to live, work, and lead in today's constantly changing world.

three female students on campus

Like never before, success—locally, nationally, and globally—is related to one's ability to lead, incorporate technology, and negotiate differences. It is becoming increasingly difficult to remain in isolated enclaves with people who are like us. Americans are slowly recognizing that when we continue to exclude from full participation competent, capable citizens on the basis of their age, ability, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, social class, sexual orientation, or national origin, we lose. Towson University, therefore, is engaged in increasing the diversity among its students, faculty, and staff; addressing the needs and concerns of its varied populations; and promoting multicultural learning for all students.

To that end, the Center for Student Diversity (CSD) was established to aid the institution in its efforts to foster inclusion, collaboration, and relationship building. The center provides academic, social, and transition support for underserved students and promotes exchange and dialogue between individuals of diverse backgrounds and identities.

CSD, housed in the Division of Student Affairs, supports the access and academic success of historically under-represented groups through programs and services that enhance the student experience. Currently, the CSD cluster consists of the following units:

African American Student Development
Asian, Pacific Islander, & Desi American Student Development
Cultural Competency Education
Latinx Student Development
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer ... (LGBTQ+) Student Development
Mature/Non-traditional Students
Women's Resources

Campus Ministries

CSD serves the following functions:

  • Support for multicultural student organizations
  • Financial assistance to under-represented undergraduate and graduate students
  • Diversity awareness in/out of class seminars, workshops, and presentations
  • A weekend Diversity Retreat
  • Nationally celebrated heritage programs
  • Diversity educational and resource materials
  • Advocacy, consultation, and referrals
  • Leadership, mentorship, and peer education programs
  • Provide educational outreach to build awareness, appreciation, and allyship of diverse student populations and communities
  • Assist the university in the outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts for students of color and other under-represented populations
  • Assist the institution in the creation of policies and procedures that address the interests and concerns of under-represented students

Our staff members hope you will take advantage of the many programs and services offered. If you recognize a need we have missed, tell us about it. If you want to work with us to help eradicate bias, discrimination, and intolerance and promote cross-cultural awareness, dialogue, interaction, leadership, and coalition building, please contact us. We maintain a warm, welcoming space. Stop by and see us any time. All are invited to participate in our activities!