Student Data & Analysis

The Office of Institutional Research compiles reports on student enrollment characteristics, degrees, graduation rates, and retention rates.  The reports are based on snapshots of data taken at a specific time, usually the term's census date, which occurs one week after the term's last day to drop classes.


Student Data

Student Body Characteristics (Fall 2013 to Present)

By Gender                                                     Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Race and Ethnicity                                 Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Academic College                                  Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Full-Time / Part-Time Status                 Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

Characteristics of Incoming First-Time Students (Fall 2013 to Present)

By Gender                                                     Fall (PDF)   

By Race and Ethnicity                                 Fall (PDF)

By Academic College                                  Fall (PDF)

By State of Residence                                  Fall (PDF)

Characteristics of Incoming Transfer Students (Fall 2013 to Present)

By Gender                                                      Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Race and Ethnicity                                  Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Academic College                                   Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Sending Community College                 Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Credits Being Transferred                      Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

Enrollment by Major (Fall 2013 to Present)

By Undergraduate First Majors                   Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Undergraduate All Majors                     Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Graduate First Majors                            Fall (PDF)                 Spring (PDF)

By Graduate All Majors                              Fall (PDF)                 Spring (PDF)

Student Credit Hours (Fall 2013 to Present)

By Department                                             Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Academic College                                 Fall (PDF)                 Spring (PDF)

Retention Rates

Fall to Subsequent Fall Retention Rate for First-Time Full-Time Degree-Seeking Student Cohorts

By Academic College (PDF)

By Gender (PDF)

By Ethnicity (PDF)

Graduation Rates Information and Student Right-to-Know Graduation Rates Reported to the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
NCAA Graduation Success Rates and Federal Graduation Rates