Student Data & Analysis

The Office of Institutional Research compiles reports on student enrollment characteristics, degrees, graduation rates, and retention rates.  The reports are based on snapshots of data taken at a specific time, usually the term's census date, which occurs one week after the term's last day to drop classes. The data are also published as visual and interactive data sets.


Student Data

By Gender                                                   Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Race and Ethnicity                                 Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Academic College                                 Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Full-Time / Part-Time Status                  Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Gender                                                   Fall (PDF)   

By Race and Ethnicity                                 Fall (PDF)

By Academic College                                 Fall (PDF)

By State of Residence                                Fall (PDF)

By Gender                                                   Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Race and Ethnicity                                 Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Academic College                                 Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Sending Community College                Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Credits Being Transferred                     Fall (PDF)               Spring (PDF)

By Undergraduate First Majors                  Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Undergraduate All Majors                     Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Graduate First Majors                            Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Graduate All Majors                               Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Department                                           Fall (PDF)                Spring (PDF)

By Academic College                                Fall (PDF)                 Spring (PDF)

Fall to Subsequent Fall Retention Rate for First-Time Full-Time Degree-Seeking Student Cohorts

By Academic College (PDF)

By Gender (PDF)

By Ethnicity (PDF)

IPEDS Right-to-Know Rates (PDF) (Updated February 2022)

By Sex

By Race and Ethnicity

By Pell Recipient Status

Student Right-to-Know Six-Year Graduation and Transfer-Out Rates

  • 72%: Student Right-to-Know completion or graduation rate (Total Completers within 150% / Adjusted Cohort) - Updated February 2022 - Average of four years of data
  • 20%: Student Right-to-Know transfer-out rate calculation (Total Transfer-out Students / Adjusted Cohort) - Updated February 2022 - Average of four years of data