Survey Strategy

TU’s Survey Strategy Committee is charged with recommending survey policy and coordinating large-scale university surveys. We also provide technical assistance to survey providers.

All campus-wide surveys require review by the Survey Strategy Committee. Members of the campus community should complete a Survey Interest Form at least 30 days before they intend to run a campus-wide survey.

Spring 2023 Campus-Wide Survey Calendar

Survey Name Surveyed Group(s)
Sponsor Dates
ModernThink Higher Education Insight Survey All faculty and staff, excluding Contingent I and Adjunct Instructors Office of Human Resources Jan. 30 - Feb.  19
Cook Library Digital Scholarship Center Services Survey Samples of graduate students, faculty, and librarians Cook Library Feb. 20 - Mar. 12
National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) All first-time / first-year students and seniors Division of Academic Affairs Mar. 8 -  Apr. 14
TUPD Community Survey All faculty, staff, and students Towson University Police Department April 6th - April 17th
Maryland College Alcohol Survey (MD-CAS) Sample of undergraduate students Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Center Apr. 15 - May 6
Graduating Student Survey Students graduating in spring 2023 Career Center Apr. 18 - May 30
Assessment Satisfaction Survey Faculty and Staff Office of Assessment April 24 - May 8
Food Access and Security Sample of undergraduate students Division of Student Affairs May 1 - May 15

Fall 2023 Campus-Wide Survey Calendar

Survey Name Surveyed Group(s)
Sponsor Dates
ViewFinder All faculty, staff, and students OIIE Oct. 16 - Nov. 10

Technical Support

The Office of Institutional Research can support survey sponsors with sampling strategies, survey design and other consultations.

Towson University subscribes to Baseline, a platform for designing and hosting online surveys. Faculty and full-time employees can request access to Baseline by emailing TU’s Office of Institutional Research at .

Committee Members

  • Ashley Hoover, Office of the General Counsel
  • Bethany Pace, Communications and Media Relations
  • Brian Jara, Office of Inclusion and Institutional Equity
  • Elora Orazio (Co-Chair), Division of Student Affairs / Assessment, Evaluation, and Strategic Planning
  • Jen Stano, Office of Human Resources
  • Jennifer Ippolito, Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
  • Jennifer Wicklein, Office of Technology Services / Digital Experience Technology
  • Matthew Chambers, Office of the Provost
  • Min Deng, Academic Senate / Department of Mathematics
  • Natsuko Chow, Office of Institutional Research
  • Rhodri Evans, Office of Accreditation and Compliance
  • Shelby Francis, Division of Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research
  • Tim Bibo (Co-Chair), Office of Institutional Research