Swim 2 Program

Campus Recreation annually challenges the TU community to "Swim 2..." in Burdick Pool. Each year, a new location is chosen, and participants are challenged to swim the distance to that location from Towson.

Towson Campus Recreation Swim to

For this year’s Swim 2 Challenge, swimmers are headed to Bora Bora!

Bora Bora is just over 6,000 miles away from Towson. We put our thinking caps on and came up with the following breakdown:

70 lengths = 35 laps

35 laps = 1 mile

1 mile swam = 100 miles to Bora Bora

60 miles swam = 6,000 miles to Bora Bora = Mission Accomplished!

How the Challenge Works

You will swim the distance from Towson to Bora Bora (approximately 6,000 miles) using the conversions listed above. All participants who successfully swim the required distance through May 6 will receive a mystery prize from Campus Recreation! For an additional challenge, you can swim back! Check progress on the distance log outside of the Lifeguard Office. 

How to Register

Sign up with a lifeguard during open swim hours. During open swim hours, track and report your swim distance to the lifeguard on duty immediately after completing it.