Locker Rental

Locker Rental -Starting Fall 2017

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, full and half lockers in the locker rooms will be available to Rent on a first-come, first-served basis for all Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni.  See below for Locker Pricing and Rental Terms.


TU students, faculty, staff, and alumni members can take advantage of locker rental within Burdick Hall. A limited number of lockers are available to rent, and rentals are available beginning Aug. 28, 2017.

towson campus recreation locker room


Locker Rental Pricing



Full locker: $90 (2 semester) Full Locker: $45(  1 semester)

Half locker: $40(2  semester)Half locker: $20( 1 semester)

Faculty/Staff & Alumni  - *Rental for Fall 2017 only. 

Full locker: $45 (1 semester)

Half locker: $20(1 semester)

*Faculty and Staff are only able to rent a locker for the semester due to membership being required in 2018.

Lockers will be available for rent Monday August 28th at 8 am in the Membership & Guest Services Office


Day Use Lockers

Campus Recreation offers several day-use lockers in Burdick Hall. Patrons may bring in their own lock for these lockers, or check out a lock daily from the Rec Attendant.

Annual Locker Rental Policies

  • A $25 fee will be assessed for the removal of belongings left after the locker rental agreement end date.  All items left in locker upon locker rental agreement end date will be removed from the locker and discarded.  NOTE:  Items of significant value (wallet, keys, ID’s, laptops, etc.) may be transferred to University Union Building Manager, per University policy 08-01.21 – Abandoned Currency or Property. Please refer to this policy for a full list of items that are deemed to be of significant value.  

  • DO NOT remove the lock from the locker.  Only issued Campus Recreation lock may be used on rental lockers.    A $10 fee will be assessed for any locks that are not on locker at conclusion of locker rental agreement end date.  The $10 fee will also be assessed for any lost or damaged locks, and/or for misuse of the locker. Report any damages to lockers immediately.

  • Food is prohibited from being stored in lockers. 

  • Locker rental is non-transferrable.