Sport Clubs are student organizations that are required to have student officers. The officers are responsible for the successful operation of the club including but not limited to budgeting, scheduling practices, coordinating league schedules, planning events, fundraising, guideline and procedure adherence, and communicating with Sport Club Supervisors and the Sport Clubs professional staff.


“ Being in the TU Equestrian Club has enriched my time at Towson. As a commuter, I used the club to keep me connected with friends, and it made me feel like I belonged on campus. Being the president of the club allowed me to grow personally and professionally in the areas of leadership, fiscal responsibility, delegating tasks, and management. I will forever be grateful to Sport Clubs for my time in the TU Equestrian Club! ”

Ashley Thor, Past President, Equestrian

Officer Resources

Forms, resources and important guidelines related to club management are located below.