Welcome to TU

Thanks for attending Welcome to TU 2023! Events continue through September 24, 2023. Get involved!

Student leader taking a selfie with a group of incoming students in TU shirts by a TU logo statue

We strongly encourage you to download the TU Events app to access the Welcome to TU guide and see everything that is planned. Involved@TU will give you access to events througout the week and beyond!

Follow us on social media @newattu and @towsonstuact for exciting event updates.

Ongoing Requirements

Complete all three mandatory prevention programs — Alcohol; Prescription Addiction Opioids; Sexual Violence. Login with your TU ID.

Complete your immunization requirements and upload your health insurance card
While payment for incoming students is not due until September 6, 2023 it is recommended to learn about paymentse-rebates and refunds, and your 1098-T consent.