Living on Campus

On campus

For nine months, your home will be a Towson University residence hall. During this time, you will be part of a vibrant university community. Part of this will be meeting and making new friends and acquaintances. One of the best ways to get acclimated and become part of the university community is to be involved. There are many university clubs, organizations and groups that offer an excellent way to meet other students.

Residence Halls

Towson offers 18 residence halls on campus that represent an eclectic mix of old and new architecture. 3 of these buildings, Paca/Tubman Houses and Millennium Hall, are managed in collaboration with Capstone On Campus Management. The buildings range from cozy two- and three-story halls to high-rise towers. If you are a new freshman, we guarantee on-campus housing for your first two years at Towson as long as you have paid your non-refundable housing deposit by the payment deadline.

Modern amenities make your new home a great place to live and learn. Rooms are equipped with cable TV, high-speed Internet service, and a microwave-refrigerator unit. All rooms are furnished with beds, desks, chairs, closets or wardrobes, dressers, wall-to-wall carpeting, and blinds. In-house laundry facilities, lounges, study rooms and vending areas are located in each hall. Pool tables, TV rooms, and even pianos are available in many halls.

Our residence halls are staffed by Resident Assistants (RAs) --  specially trained students who work to build a floor-wide community with planned activities and outings. They also offer insider knowledge on how to make your Towson experience more successful. So whether you need help with a problem or just want to hang out, their doors are always open.

On-campus Apartments

Towson Run, Carroll and Marshall Halls are for upper-class students who are eligible to live on campus. These apartment communities provide a great way to stay connected with the campus and enjoy the benefits and independence of apartment living.

Towson Run offers many of the same amenities as our residence halls, but with a few extras. The complex offers nine-month housing and consists of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments equipped with full kitchens and common living rooms. Each bedroom houses two students.

Carroll and Marshall Halls offer the same amenities as Towson Run but consists of two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments, where each student will have their own private bedroom and a full mattress.

First-time freshmen are not eligible to live in Towson Run, Carroll and Marshall Halls.

For Transfer Students

On-campus housing isn't guaranteed for transfer students and is granted on a space-available basis. 10 West, formerly the Towson Marriott, will be available for transfer students. Space is limited and will be granted by first come first serve.

Many transfer students instead live in off-campus housing, which includes many apartments and rental homes within a short walk of the university and throughout Towson.

Off-campus housing is not affiliated with the university, but TU' maintains resources for finding off-campus housing.

For International Students

International students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to live on campus. It’s a great way to make friends and feel connected to our vibrant campus culture.


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