Moving In

Fall 2020 Move-In Information

Move-in for all buildings will occur from August 13 to August 23. Students will need to choose a specific date within this time frame for a 2-hour move-in window.  Sign up instructions will be sent with final room assignments on Friday, July 31.

Before you get to Campus: 

  • Students must complete the Pre Move-In Process” on the student housing gateway to learn about safety, what to bring to campus, and other useful move-in advice. 
  • Students are encouraged to communicate with their roommate prior to move in to discuss who is bring certain items. 
  • Students are encouraged to pack light and bring other belongings as needed throughout the semester. 
  • No large furniture such as upholstered furniture, futons, desk chairs, bookcases, etc. will be permitted this year. 
  • In the event that students need to move out mid-semester, students will need to take all belongings with them. HRL will not be shipping any resident possessions. 
  • Review our suggested packing list 
  • Complete COVID-19 Test

Required COVID-19 Testing

Per the University System of Maryland's and Towson University's announcements on July 30th, all students must be tested for COVID-19 within 10 days prior to their arrival, and must provide university officials confirmation of a negative COVID test to the University before arriving on campus.   

Tests can be completed at our on-campus testing site in front of the TU Health Center or at a conveniently located facility near your home. Starting Friday, July 31, on-campus testing will be offered daily, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Individuals may reserve a reservation time.

Free testing is available at a variety of locations in every state, to find a testing site near you, please visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Community-Based Testing Sites for COVID-19 or Google "COVID test" and your city name. 

Please note that test results may take 3 - 5 days to be received, so we encourage you to schedule your test and move-in appointment with this in mind. Please keep receipts if you are asked to provide payment at any off campus sites. TU will reimburse those costs. A reimbursement form is available here.

You can submit an electronic PDF, scanned copy, or JPG of your completed results online via the Tiger Health Portal.

Students will not be permitted to move into their residence hall assignment without evidence of a negative test result. 

If you receive a test result that is positive, you will not be permitted to move in to campus housing until 10 days following your positive test with the last 24 hours displaying no symptoms and clearance from the health center.  Please notify Housing & Residence Life that your arrival to campus will be delayed.

Move-In Time Slot Selection

Students are required to sign up for a move-in time between August 13 and August 23. Welcome 2 TU events for new TU students will begin on August 20, we encourage all incoming freshmen and transfer students to be moved in by August 20. There will be minimal events on campus from August 13 – August 20, students are welcome to move-in and stay on campus during this time or to return home until ready to return to campus for Welcome 2 TU or the start of classes.

Move-in sign up time slots will begin every hour from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. August 13 through August 23. Each time slot is limited to 8 students per building and roommates will not be able to select the same time. Students will be able to bring 2 helpers with them to move-in. Students and families will begin the move-in process by checking in and picking up the student’s key, OneCard, and additional information from Lot 5 near the SECU arena. Once you have picked up your key you will have 2 hours from that time to complete your move-in process.

Please note that August 13 is the earliest date students can arrive. Need to arrive after August 23? Please contact Housing & Residence Life immediately to make us aware of your plans. If you have not checked-in by Monday, August 24, 2020 and we have not heard from you regarding your arrival plans, your housing will be canceled.

To select a move-in time you will have to visit the student housing gateway and click on “Select move-in time slot.” This process will cause our system to move slowly, to prevent the system from crashing we have assigned a start time for each building. You are able to sign up for a move-in time slot any time after your building’s start time. Students are able to go in an make adjustments to their move-in times.

When can I sign up for a move-in time? 

Students were emailed with an individualized sign up time to complete the process, their assigned time is just the earliest they will be able to access the process. They will continue to be able to access the process after their assigned time. Students are able to change their time slot by completing the same process.

Please remember that this process will cause our system to run slowly, it may take some time to complete the sign-up process. There are many more time-slots available compared to residents of the building, please know if your first choice is not available there are ample time-slots available to choose from. Please be patient throughout the process. 

Move-In Information

To help your move-in go as smoothly as possible, the Department of Housing & Residence Life requests your cooperation with the following:

  • Begin your process in SECU to pick up your keys.
  • Pack light. You don't need to bring everything on your first trip to campus. Box as many items as possible. This will help you to maintain order and cut down on missing items. You may want to bring a handcart if you have one.
  • Unload and move your car as quickly as possible to the designated lots. Spaces near the residence halls are needed to move people in.
  • Elevators will be used only for moving in. Use stairs as much as possible.

SECU Arena: Centralized Check-In 

Towson University will be completing a centralize check-in process in SECU arena. Students and families will come to SECU arena, only the student will be allowed inside to pick up your residence hall key, OneCard, TU Cares package, and orientation swag (for incoming freshmen and transfer students).  

Directions to SECU

 From 695 use EXIT 25 Charles St 

  • Coming from 695 East, Right on Charles St
  • Coming from 695 West, Left on Charles St
  • Left on Towsontown Blvd
  • Right on Osler Dr
  • Right on Auburn

Centralized check-in process

  • Towson University is a mask on campus and masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES by both the students and their helpers (including in the key pickup line) 
  • Please bring a copy of your COVID test results with you to check-in.
  • Key pick-up for all buildings will be in SECU Arena. KEYS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT INDIVIDUAL BUILDINGS.
  • Residents will have 2 hours from the time of key pick up to complete the move-in process, you will be directed from SECU Arena to your respective building, there will be directions on the back of the parking pass provided as well as staff directing you. 

At your Building: Moving-in 

  • Towson University is a mask on campus and masks must be worn AT ALL TIMES by both the students and their helpers (including in the lobby, common spaces, and bathrooms) 
  • You will be able to park near your building while you are actively unloading and moving in.  
  • You will be permitted to bring 2 helpers to assist you during move-in. We will not have move-in crew volunteers to assist this year.  
  • All helpers must leave the building by 5pm.  
  • We will have a limited number of carts available for move-in at each building. Wipes will be provided, and you are responsible for wiping the cart down when it is returned. Carts must be returned at the end of your two-hour window. 
  • If you have your own cart or dolly, we highly recommend you bring your own.   
  • To help keep foot traffic flowing and encourage physical distancing, doors will be designated as specific entry and exit points, directional signage will be posted to indicate traffic flow within buildings, and elevator usage will be limited based on elevator capacity. Hand sanitizer will also be available in building lobbies. These measures will continue throughout the semester to maintain safety of the community. 

Your Room: Settling In 

  • A student staff member will be available at each building’s community center to answer questions. 
  • Maintenance request can be made online by scrolling to the bottom of HRL’s Resource for Residents page  
  • Watch out for communication from your Resident Assistant about an upcoming digital floor meeting on or around 8/20/2020 
  • Do not forget to complete your online Room Condition Report by Friday, August 28. You will be sent an email about the process once you pick up your key. 
  • Interested in participating in welcome events? Be sure to review what to expect during Welcome 2 TU. 
  • Interested in learning what the university is doing to combat COVID-19? Review the Tigers Care website to see what the university is doing to protect our campus. 

Moving In Tips

Towson University pledged to become carbon neutral by 2050.  So far, the university has reduced its emissions by over 40% and has a 43% recycling rate.  While we are proud of our accomplishments, we can’t move forward without your help.  Below are a few tips to get you on the green track. 

Bring a reusable water bottle. There are FREE water filling stations all over campus. Just look for the closest one on the Green Map App.  Plus, it’s one less thing to recycle. 

Pack using containers you already have. Laundry bags, reusable grocery bags, and gym duffel bags are all great choices and will come in handy throughout the semester. 

If you need more boxes, get them used. Ask your local grocery or department stores surplus boxes.  Recycle them when you’re done.  Just leave them flattened in any waste room in your hall or look for the large blue recycling bins. 

If you don’t love your bike leave it at home but bring your helmet.  You can rent a bike all semester long from Campus Rec for a small fee.  

Pick up a free LED lightbulb. Don’t bother with standard bulbs.  Request a free LED from the Office of Sustainability at

Ditch the car and hop on the free shuttles to do your shopping. The TU shuttles travel all around the Towson area and the campus Zip Cars give you wheels when you want them.  Everything you need to get out and about without having to pay for a parking permit.

Feed the yellow compost bin in your residence hall. It loves food scraps and pizza boxes.  Trust us.

Keep the temperature in mind. Make sure sensitive items are the last ones in the car and the first ones out. Aerosol sprays and certain electronics can melt, explode and damage other boxes if left out in the heat for too long.  Drop off unwanted electronics at the specialty recycling bin in University Union or West Village Commons.

Be a Thrifty Tiger. There are tons of local thrift shops, where you can buy and sell gently used clothes and household goods.  Consider one of these shops before heading to the mall or big box store. 

Recharge responsibly. Consider purchasing a smart power strip or rechargeable batteries.


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