Resources for Residents

Spring 2021 Housing Information

As we prepare to welcome students back to campus for spring 2021, we wanted to share updates on our occupancy and availability. Building capacities are being reduced to ensure that each student has their own bedroom and will not share a bathroom with more than one other person. Tower D will be converted from student housing to additional isolation and quarantine space. Because we currently have vacant spaces available, this de-densifying strategy will not impact the status of students with active housing contracts. Students with active contracts will be able to return for spring, however their assignments may change.  

This change to our occupancy availability will impact residents assigned to live in Towson Run, Barton House, Douglass House, Tower D, and 10 West. Below are some important things to note:  

  • There will be a room selection process taking place the week of November 30 for students impacted by the occupancy reduction. These students will be able to select a new room assignment for spring. Detailed information will be emailed to students about this process at the beginning of November. 
  • Students in residential learning communities will not have to participate in the room selection process as they will remain in their learning community. Alcohol Free will be moving from Tower D to Barton House. 
  • Any student that is already in a single space due to roommate cancellation will be permitted to remain in their assignment and will not need to participate in the room selection process 
  • Due to Tower D going offline as isolation and quarantine space all residents, except those in the Alcohol Free residential learning community will need to participate in room selection. 

Update for Spring Semester: Revised Guest Policy 

Students will be permitted to have one residential guest in their space. This guest must be a resident in University Housing or a Capstone Management property. Nonaffiliates or nonresidential TU students are not permitted in the residence halls.   

Guest passes will be valid for 24 hours. Residents cannot have more than one registered residential guest in a 24 hour time period; their previous guest’s pass must have expired before being able to register a new guest to their room. Guest registration will only be available when community center desks are open, from 6:30 AM to 11:00 PM. Residential guests are permitted in the resident’s room but are not permitted in any common spaces within the residential community. 

This revised policy will go into effect two weeks after the start of classes (February 8th), no guests will be permitted until this date. 

Requirements to Register Residential Guests 

In order for a resident to be eligible to register residential guests, they must have submitted and completed their Roommate Agreement Form with their apartment/suitemate OR complete the Residential Guest Policy Acknowledgement form. All occupants of the apartment or suite must have indicated their approval of having residential guests in their living space on their Roommate Agreement Form. Community center desks will have access to all roommate agreement forms for verification prior to issuing a guest pass.  

Requirements to be Registered as a Residential Guest 

Prior to being signed in by their host, residential guests must have

  1. Completed the daily Tiger Quickscan
  2. Compliant with all TU COVID testing requirements
  3. Completion of all TU education requirement
  4. A temperature of 100.3 or less, and
  5. Their TU OneCard with their building sticker on it (no licenses or other forms of IDs will be accepted)


When does the housing application open?
November 1st at 9:00 AM EST, you can find the application here: There is a known issue with the Google Chrome web browser and our application. Please refrain from using Google Chrome to complete the housing application.
Do I need to reapply for housing for the spring semester if I signed a housing contract in the fall?
If you signed a fall 2020 housing contract and never canceled it, then you do not need to reapply for housing. However, if you canceled your contract, you will need to reapply when the application opens up on November 1st.
When will I find out if I have housing for the spring semester?
Our department will begin sending out housing offers via email the second week of November. Students will be invited to sign a housing contract in order to accept the housing offer. If you do not sign the housing contract in the allotted amount of time, your housing offer will be rescinded.
How many roommates will I have?
All students will have their own bedroom and share a bathroom with no more than one other person.
How do I participate in the room selection process?

a. Go to the Student Housing Gateway:

b. Login using your Net ID and Password

c. Click on “Room Selection Process”

d. After completing the process, do not forget to click the FINISH button to lock your assignment!

Who will receive priority when it comes to housing offers?
Our department will be sending out housing offers to new first-time freshmen, students that our department administratively canceled in the summer of 2020, transfer students, and students who have previously canceled their housing contracts.
When will the Room Selection Process for continuing students take place?
If you are a student who has an active housing contract and is continuing with us for the spring semester, then you will participate in the Room Selection Process the week of November 30th. You will receive an email with the schedule and your specific day.
How much is the housing deposit for the spring semester?
Our department will not be requiring a housing deposit as a part of the application process because we cannot guarantee that all students who apply will receive a housing offer.
What if I do not live in one of the impacted residence halls and would like to change my assignment for spring? 

You will have the option to participate in room selection after Thanksgiving Break. More detailed information will be sent to all students about the room selection process at the beginning of November. 

Is Aspen Heights still an option for spring 2021? 

Yes, our partnership is for the 2020-2021 academic year. If you are interested in living in one of the university spaces in Aspen Heights, you will be able to pick a space during room selection after Thanksgiving break. 

Will Capstone residents be assigned to all singles?

This is only an update for university housing Paca, Tubman and Millennium are managed separately by Capstone on Campus Management. 

When will I be able to move-in for spring 2021?  

 Move-in will be spread out over multiple days and students will sign up for a move-in time slot. Move-in will occur January 20 through January 24. More detailed information about move-in will be available on our website and emailed directly to contracted students in December.  

Housing Policies in Response to COVID-19 

Please review the updates to the student code of conduct to understand the changes that will be occurring on campus.

Cancellation Information 

If you no longer need on-campus housing for spring 2021, we encourage you to notify us of your plans as soon as possible by going to the student housing gateway and clicking on “Cancel Housing Contract for 2020-2021.” 

Have Questions? 

Housing & Residence Life is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. via phone at 410-704-2516, via the live chat feature on our website, or via email at . If you have any questions, please reach out to us! 

Fall 2020 Housing Information

Due to the university operating fully remote for the fall 2020 term all students will have to move-out of their university housing assignment by noon on Friday, September 4.

For information about Paca House, Tubman House and Millennium Hall please reach out directly to their management office.

Move-out Information

We recognize that these are unprecedented times and that a decision such as this leads to potential uncertainty and questions.  Keeping that in mind, our goal is to make the move-out process as smooth and flexible as possible. We are also committed to ensuring that our move-out process maintains the CDC’s recommendations for physical distancing, minimal traffic, and waiting. This will require your cooperation with these procedures to keep everyone as safe as possible. Thus, each student is permitted to have two move-out helpers to assist in the move-out process. Move-out should be restricted to no more than two hours. 

As you are here on campus, follow our Tigers Care Guidelines, wear a mask, practice physical distancing and frequent hand washing. 

Please follow these move out procedures: 

  • Remove all your belongings from your space, you may not store items in your room until spring 
  • Set your thermostat to low cool (or 68 degrees) 
  • Take out your trash 
  • Empty your refrigerator, if you have a micro-fridge unplug and defrost 
  • Ensure your space is clean 
  • Students should check out at the community center desk after everything is moved out of your space. The community center assistant will check you out of our system and provide you with a key envelope to deposit your key. You will place your key in the envelope and place in the key drop off box hung on the wall by the community center desk. Once your key is returned, you will not have access to your room. 

Students will check out using our express check out process, meaning a staff member will not come to your room with you to inspect for damages. We will not be charging for damages unless the damage is egregious.  

All students not approved to remain on campus must be moved completely out of their assignment no later than Friday, September 4 at noon, although we encourage you to move out at your earliest opportunity.

Refund Information

Our office is also working on processing refunds for 100% of the housing costs for fall 2020, including the housing deposit.  More information on the timing of this will be forthcoming in the next week.

If you are approved for extended housing you will not receive a housing refund.

Extended Housing Information

Housing & Residence Life will be working with students who face hardships in finding alternative housing for the remainder of the semester. Additionally, student athletes in residence halls, students in select laboratory courses, experiential courses in the arts, clinical courses, and internships may continue to stay in residence if they choose to do so.  If you are a student with a need to remain on campus to complete your course requirements, please fill out the form titled "Extended Housing Request” in the student housing gateway priority consideration will be given to those requests received by September 2 at 5 p.m. Do not use Google Chrome to access the student housing gateway.

Once requests are reviewed, determinations will be communicated within 72 business hours of submission after the priority date.  Note that any student who is approved to stay, may be required to relocate for the remainder of the semester and will not have their housing fees refunded. 

Housing Policies in Response to COVID-19 

Please review the updates to the student code of conduct to understand the changes that will be occurring on campus.

Housing for Spring 2021

Students that have an active housing contract, meaning you have not canceled your housing before needing to vacate due to halls closing for remote learning, will still have housing for the spring 2021 term. You will remain assigned to the same location for spring 2021 provided housing is open at that time. 

Canceling Your Contract 

We recognize that for some students, there are still many unknowns regarding the entire 2020-2021 academic year. If you know you will not return if spring housing is available you are still able to cancel your housing contract.

To cancel your housing contract please go to the student housing gateway and click on “Cancel Housing Contract for 2020-2021."   

If you are interested in exploring off campus housing options please check the off campus living portal  

Applying for Spring Housing

Our housing application will be available on November 1 at 9 a.m. Any student that has previously canceled their housing contract will be eligible to submit a housing application for spring 2021.

FAQ about fall 2020

Will housing costs and deposits be refunded for fall 2020?
Yes, we will provide all university housing students with a refund for their housing costs and housing deposit.
Does canceling my contract effect my ability to live on campus in the future?
No, canceling your contract for the 2020-2021 academic year will not affect your ability to live on campus in the future.
Does canceling my contract for fall 2020 guarantee me housing in the spring 2021?
The housing contract is a full academic year commitment, canceling your contract does not guarantee you housing for spring 2021. However, should we be in the position to expand housing options for the spring we will communicate that to all students who have canceled for the 2020-2021 academic year. Our housing application for spring will be available on November 1 at 9 a.m.
Will we be required to wear masks in the residence halls? 
Masks will be required everywhere in the residence hall, except the private room of the student. A mask will be required to walk through the hallways, on an elevator, laundry room or in a lounge space. 
Are residents allowed to have guests in the building? 
No, residents will not be allowed to sign guests into the building. 
What happens if I become sick with COVID-19 while living on campus?
Students who are determined to be at risk for infecting others with COVID-19 or have had a significant exposure event will be directed to isolate or quarantine by the University COVID-19 Reporting Coordinator will be relocated to Tower C.  Students in quarantine/isolation spaces are assigned to a single room and will not share a bathroom with any other person.   
How long will I be relocated if I am directed to isolate or quarantine? 
Any student who is directed to quarantine or isolate will need to have clearance from the University Health Center before returning to their assigned room. For some general guidance: 
  • Quarantining students (asymptomatic):  typically lasts for fourteen days after last exposure incident 
  • Isolation (symptomatic, or positive test): typically lasts 10 days after symptoms start or diagnosis through a positive test at least 10 days since symptoms first appeared and at least 24 hours with no fever without the aid of fever-reducing medication and symptoms have improved 
Where can I go while in isolation or quarantine? 
Any student who is directed to quarantine or isolate will be expected to do so until they are cleared to leave. This restricts activity to be strictly within the space you were relocated to unless you leave campus to isolate or quarantine at home. You are not to leave the room or building, be a visitor or have visitors into your space.  
What if I’d rather go home to isolate or quarantine? 
Students who would prefer to go home to isolate or quarantine are permitted to do so.  Before returning to campus, they must have approval from the University Health Center. 
How will I get meals in isolation and quarantine? 
 Housing & Residence Life in collaboration with Dining Services will make arrangements for contactless delivery of meals to their temporary space in Tower C.  Each room will also be equipped with a microfridge unit. 
 Will someone check in on me while I am in isolation or quarantine? 
 A member of the University Health Center will check in virtually with residents who are isolating or quarantining in order to monitor well-being provide health guidance, and assist students in the event that additional care is needed. 
What if I need immediate care while in isolation or quarantine? 
Should you experience trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion or inability to stand easily, bluish lips or skin, you are no longer safe to self-monitor and you need to seek medical attention. You should call TUPD at 410-704-4444. Advise that you are having symptoms of respiratory illness.  They initiate a medical team response. 
What should I bring with me if I am told to isolate or quarantine? 
  • Students are advised to bring the following items with them:    
  • Sheets/towels/pillow   
  • Tiger CARE kit (with digital thermometer) 
  • Toiletries  
  • Clothing for 14 days  
  • Water bottle, snacks 
  • Personal Medicine  
  • Cell phone and charger    
  • Books and laptop  
  • Any other items you use daily  
  • Power strip  
What happens if my roommate or suitemate is sent to isolate, what should I do? 

The University Health Center will be in touch with you to determine what your exposure risk may have been.  Some general guidance for this situation would be to disinfect shared surfaces in your room, limit your exposure to others until you are able to be tested, self-monitor for symptoms, and make arrangements to get a COVID test. 

Moving in and Packing

Resident Resources

Mildew Prevention

As a resident, you can be instrumental in helping to prevent mildew growth in your room during the hot and humid months of the year.

  • Keep your HVAC unit running at all times to create air circulation in the space.
  • Keep all personal items clear from the top, sides, and front of the HVAC unit.
  • Adjust the temperature to your comfort level and keep it running.
  • If you experience condensation on your unit, wipe it off, raise the temperature setting to a higher level to reduce condensate buildup.
  • If you have any concerns about potential mold or mildew growth, submit a maintenance request right away.

ABM GreenCare Program

ABM GreenCare Program


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