Residence Halls & Apartments

Towson University's residence halls are an eclectic mix of old and new architecture, traditional style layouts, cozy two-story and three story halls, high-rise towers, and an apartment-style complex for upper-level students.

Towson Run Dorms

Housing Options

Housing options include: Global Village, Honors, Alcohol-Free Floors, STEM Community, SAGE Community, American Sign Language, Tigers Serving Others, Political Engagement and Career Exploration.

All on-campus housing at Towson University is co-educational (co-ed) with women and men living in the same building and often on the same floor. In the vast majority of our co-ed housing, students are assigned to rooms/apartments by their birth gender with the assigned bathrooms also separated by gender.

Gender Neutral and Special Housing Options

TU also offers a limited amount of gender neutral housing where persons are assigned regardless of gender. Students must specifically request this housing option and it is space limited. Another type of special housing option are our Residential Learning Communities.

What's in Your New Home

You will enjoy all of the modern amenities necessary to make your new home a comfortable place to live and one that will help facilitate your academic endeavors. Rooms are equipped with basic cable TV, high-speed Internet service, and a micro fridge unit. Towson Run apartments, and Carroll and Marshall Halls are equipped with full kitchens, including microwaves and common living rooms.

All rooms are furnished with beds, desks, chairs, closets/wardrobes, dressers (except Newell and Richmond Halls), wall-to-wall carpeting, and blinds/drapes. In-house laundry facilities, lounges, study rooms, and vending areas are located in each hall. Pool tables, TV rooms, and pianos are also available in many of the halls. Air conditioning is provided in all halls except for Prettyman and Scarborough.

Mailing Address Standards

If you are sending mail/packages to your student, the following page has addressing standards for residence halls and aparments on campus.

Addressing Standards


Department of Housing & Residence Life

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