Safety & Security

When living on your own during college, your personal security is in your hands. It is imperative to take precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and your roommates. After you move into a residence, make sure you take the time to become familiar with it. Know your surroundings, so that you can more effectively point out anything peculiar.


Below is a safety checklist for you to use when inspecting your premises after move-in.

In the event of a true safety emergency, call 9-1-1, followed by TU Police, 410-704-4444.


• Keep all doors locked, even when at home.
• Lock all windows on ground floor when not at home or in use.
• Never let strangers in your home without proper identification, including maintenance, service or repair persons.

• Do not panic if your home has been entered. Do not go into the unit. Contact the police and your landlord immediately.
• Make sure all entrance ways and stairwells in your house or apartment are well lit.
• Do not automatically open the door when someone knocks. Ask who it is; if you have questions about the response, do not hesitate to keep the door locked.
• Be sure that your smoke detectors are working; check the batteries on a monthly basis.


• Exterior doors should be core wood or metal.
• Exterior doors should be fit to the frame tightly (no more than 1/8 inch clearance).
• Exterior doors should be well lit.
• Exterior doors should have hinges on the inside, not the outside.
• Exterior doors should not be blocked by trees or bushes.
• Exterior doors should not have decorative glass panels or windows.
• Exterior doors should have a deadbolt with a one-inch chain.
• Chain locks and/or knob locks are not sufficient.
• What kind of security does the unit have: knob locks, chain, deadbolt locks or peephole? Deadbolt locks provide the best security. The unit should have more than one locking system.


• Windows should not be covered by trees and bushes.
• A solid strip of wood or metal in the track can reinforce sliding glass doors and windows. Sliding glass doors and windows have special key locks, also found in hardware stores.
• Are there sturdy locks on all windows? 
• Are curtains, shades or blinds provided?


• Protect yourself by never putting identification tags on your key ring or key holder. If your keys are ever lost, intruders will find you!
• Never hide a key outdoors.


• Are the building and grounds well maintained?
• Are the entryways, sidewalks and parking areas well lit? Are they visible from the street?
• Is there an intercom system?
• Are the residents’ names (first and/or last) printed on the mailboxes?
• Are the mailboxes lockable and in good condition?
• Are exterior doors kept locked?
• Are security bars or screens provided if it is a ground floor or basement unit?
• Can the main entryway be easily seen from the street, even at night? Is the entryway well lit?
• Do trees, weeds or bushes obscure doors and windows?


• Are the lots and surrounding streets free of abandoned cars?
• Is parking usually available close to your door?
• Is the area well lit? Especially at night and on weekends?


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