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Whether this is your first student at Towson University or if you've sent multiple Tigers to campus, we're here to give you all the information you need to be supportive no matter where you are. 





Who should attend Family Orientation?

Family Orientation welcomes all families and supporters who have a new student attending TU, but our program not mandatory. Family Orientation is strongly encouraged for first-generation families and those sending their first student to Towson University. 

What is the fee for Family Orientation?

The fee for Supporting Your Tiger is $25 per person. Each student can bring up to two (2) paid guests due to space limitations. Lunch is provided as a part of your fee. Guest fees are nonrefundable. Download our fee policy here.

How do I register for Family Orientation?

Because of our registration system, your student MUST register you for Family Orientation at the same time they choose their New Student Orientation date. It is important that you communicate with your student to ensure they register you for our program.  If you have questions about registration, call New Student & Family Programs at 410-704-2309 and we will be happy to help!

What is the Family Network? How can I sign up to be a member?

The Family Network is a community of parents and family members dedicated to ensuring students are successful during their time at TU. Membership is $50 per family and includes discounts to Family Weekend, scholarship opportunities, and a bi-annual magazine. You can sign up for the Family Network on their website. 

What happens during Family Orientation? 

You will be given presentations about campus life, health and immunization, safety, housing, and billing/financial aid. You will also get the opportunity to network with other family members learn skills you can use to best help your Tiger while they are at TU. 

Can my student bring a guest, spouse, or friend to Family Orientation?

YES! We encourage and welcome anyone who supports a TU student attend our program.

However, all guests who register for Family Orientation will have to follow the program and WILL NOT be able to attend any student-only sessions. 

Will I spend the entire day with my student?

No. You will be with your student at the beginning of their orientation day then you will head to your program. Family Orientation allows you to ask questions about campus life, safety, and student support services while your Tiger is learning about becoming a successful TU student. You will meet up with your student at the end of the day.  

Why can't I be with my student when they register for classes or get their transcript evaluated?

There are two main reasons: First, due to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), all information pertaining to the student's academic record is given to the student only. Second, we want students to begin to take ownership of their academic journey since they will be the ones taking classes. Students are assisted by highly qualified academic advisers and support staff who are available to answer any questions they have.

We're coming to TU from out-of-state. Where can we stay? Are there any good restaurants in the area?

Towson and the metro Baltimore area are known for their great amenities. Click here to see hotels close to campus and check out some amazing places to eat and visit during your stay in the Baltimore area.

What will we need to bring for Family Orientation?

You will need to wear comfortable clothing/shoes and bring a reusable water bottle, as you will be doing extensive walking on campus. We ask each guest to download our Guidebook app on their smart phone (limited paper copies of the schedule will be available as well) to keep track of the program and participate in our interactive presentations! 

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