Corporate & Foundation Engagement

At Towson University (TU), the Corporate & Foundation Relations team works with faculty and staff to foster meaningful relationships with companies and private foundations.

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As part of University Advancement, the Corporate and Foundation Relations team focuses on assisting the TU community in securing the philanthropic resources needed to advance strategic objectives across campus. This is accomplished by matching TU opportunities with a corporation/foundation’s philanthropic priorities. By working with TU’s talented faculty, staff, and students we establish connections to programs and projects across the institution that create a win-win for the TU community and our private funders.

Gifts and grants from corporations and private foundations that are restricted to 501(c)(3) organizations are received and managed by the Towson University Foundation (TUF), which is Towson University’s affiliated foundation. All proposals submitted under the auspices of the TUF are first routed through TU’s Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) to ensure compliance with TU protocols. In this way, University Advancement, through the Corporate and Foundation Relations team, partners with OSPR to maximize funding pathways for TU initiatives. The Corporate and Foundations team brings their combined 35+ years’ experience in working with the private sector to assist faculty and staff to develop and submit the strongest proposals to the most appropriate corporations and private foundations.

The Corporate and Foundation team's interactions support three main groups: Corporations, Private Foundations, and Faculty and Staff.

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For companies, Corporate Relations is a point of entry into Towson University. Depending on the interests and needs of your company, we will make connections to the right people and resources on campus to achieve your goals. TU is ranked among the top public universities in the country. With over 23,000 students and 3,000+ faculty and staff, there are an infinite number of ways for you to engage with the TU community. Whether your company is looking for talent, research or other points of engagement to align with your philanthropic objectives, we’ll coordinate those interactions to develop an efficient and effective partnership with TU.

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Foundation Relations manages the relationships between Towson University and private philanthropic foundations. These partnerships are crucial to the success of the university and support new initiatives, project funding, scholarships, capital improvements and more. To ensure that every connection we make with a foundation is strategic and optimized, we monitor the programs and objectives of national, regional, and Baltimore-area foundations to align TU’s proposals with the organization’s philanthropic priorities. Our goal is to build new and nurture existing relationships to secure ongoing support for TU’s strategic initiatives.

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Faculty & Staff

The Corporate and Foundation Relations team supports the identification, cultivation, and stewardship of corporate and private foundations. Working closely with faculty and staff, as well as the Office of Sponsored Programs & Research, we help determine the best approach to each funding opportunity. We identify and connect faculty and staff with appropriate funders, provide project consultation, aid in the creation of compelling proposals, guide stewardship, and, when appropriate, coordinate visits with funders to discuss projects.

When faculty and staff are interested in reaching out to a private foundation or corporation contact the Corporate and Foundation Relations team and we can provide updates on the current status of TU’s relationship with the entity, including the current relationship status, recent contacts, changes in proposal protocol or other activity.


Geannine Callaghan

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Foundation Relations




Melanie Kelleher

Director of Corporate Relations