Items Requiring Academic Committee for Technology (ACT) Review

Review and approval of projects such as those described on this page follows the process agreed to by the Academic Committee for Technology (ACT) 7/31/2010.

All projects that alter, expand or reduce the classroom and computer lab environment on campus should be reviewed by ACT, whether they are funded by Student Technology Fees or through other sources. This will help:

  • coordinate construction schedules
  • find surge space if needed
  • ensure that all stakeholders are in the communications loop
  • ensure that asset records and standards are maintained; and planning for future renewal

Projects and Activities Requiring Review or Prior Approval

  • Conversion of a traditional classroom to a smart classrooms (any tier).
  • Conversion of non-instructional space, such as a conference room, into a smart classroom or computer lab.
  • Decommissioning, repurposing, relocating, or downsizing an existing smart classroom, computer lab, or other active facility.
  • Upgrading an existing room by adding a Creston control system; two-way interactive video conferencing; lecture capture system; or other substantial changes that would move the room into another “tier” classification.
  • Outfitting a smart classroom or computer lab with technology that is not pre-approved or already included as part of the On-Call Audiovisual Services Contract (projector, control system, audiovisual system components, computer, etc.) regardless of the source of funds.
  • Establishing a mobile, cart-based, or itinerant lab that uses laptops, netbooks, iPads, or other networkable devices.
  • Creating, upgrading, or refreshing portable audiovisual computer carts, in entirety or major components (computer, projector, etc.).
  • Creating, upgrading, or refreshing new computer-equipped lounges, kiosk stations, or any other venue that will have more than three computers, regardless of intended use.
  • Repurposing, redistributing, or donating computers, audiovisual equipment, or other smart classroom components that are retired from service or decommissioned.
  • Requesting equipment or technology for use in smart classrooms or computer labs using grants or other external funding sources

For questions on submitting a request, contact your department's CCLT coordinator or call 410-704-8324 (4TECH).

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