Webex is a web-based, collaborative technology that allows users to share resources (documents, desktops, web-browsers, etc.) remotely and communicate with each other using voice, video and chat.

Important Notice

Please note: This service is cloud hosted and updates are not controlled by Towson University. Towson University documentation for the service is reviewed quarterly to bring it into alignment with the most recent version of the service or software.   

Webex is available to faculty, staff and students

Faculty and staff can use Webex to collaborate with colleagues, conduct interviews, meet online, record a meeting and much more using either the telephone or VoIP for audio and video. Students can use Webex to collaborate on group projects using VoIP and video.

Activation and Login

Before using Webex as a host, you must activate your account (this only needs to be done once). After activation, log directly into Webex, by clicking on the link below or typing the URL directly into your favorite browser, to set up a meeting. 

Webex login: https://towson.webex.com

Technical Requirements

In order to participate in a Webex meeting using VOIP, participants are required to acquire headsets with microphones. Though participants may use web cameras, they are not a requirement. Standard headsets and webcams work with Webex.

Computer Access

Students who do not have access to a computer and need to attend a Webex session have the following options:

The Media Resources Service Lab

The Media Resources Service Lab is located in Room 202 of the Cook Library. It is equipped with 17 computers and is open during regular library hours. Headsets (which have been tested and are known to be in good working condition) are available for checkout.

Student Computing Services Computer Lab (SCS)

The SCS Computer Lab is located in Cook 35 and has one of the largest collections of PCs available to students at the University. It operates seven days a week during regular terms. Please bring your own headsets when using the SCS lab.

The SCS Studio

The SCS Studio is located in Room 36 in the Cook Library and is adjacent to the SCS Computer Lab. The studio is equipped with two computers. You must reserve this lab in advance for your Webex session. Please bring your own headsets when using the SCS Studio.

Self-Help Resources

Webex: Quick Reference Guide for Faculty/Staff (PDF)
This quick reference guide is designed to step you through the critical steps needed to use Webex. Topics included are: Activation and Log In, Scheduling a Session, The User Interface and Sharing and Support.

Webex: Reference Guide (PDF)
This reference manual is your complete guide to all things Webex. You will learn how to activate your account, use your personal meeting room, schedule a webex meeting, share content, use the desktop app, record a session and more.

Webex: Converting .arf to .mp4 (PDF)
This self-help document will walk you through how to install the Webex ARF player, download a recording and convert the file to a .mp4 file.

Webex: Using Webex for Conference Calls (PDF)
Webex can be used to facilitate your needs when conducting a conference call. When using the Personal Conference feature, you do not need to begin an online portion of a meeting. This option provides a seamless way to communicate via the phone.

Webex: Personal Meeting Rooms (VIDEO)
Personal Meeting Rooms are available to anyone who has a Webex host account. This video will explain how to use Webex Personal Meeting Rooms and their various features.

Webex: Managing Personal Meeting Rooms (VIDEO)
Once your meeting room is setup, you will need to manage it. This video will explain how to manage Webex Personal Meeting Rooms

Webex: Session Captioning Alternatives (PDF)
This self-help document will provide options to add closed captioning after a session is recorded or during a session.

Webex: Installing the Webex Client Off-Campus (LINK)
Before you can use Webex Meeting or Training Center from off-campus, you must download the Webex Client. Click on the test meeting link below to verify that the driver is installed on your computer. www.webex.com/lp/jointest

Webex Support

If you experience problems during your meeting call the Webex 24/7 helpdesk:
Phone: 1-866-229-3239 (U.S. and Canada Toll-Free) or 1-408-435-7088 (International Toll).

Please contact Cyndi Caravello (webex@towson.edu or 410-704-3768) if you have any questions or would like training.

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