Brand Guidelines

The Division of Marketing and Communications is dedicated to shaping and protecting the Towson University brand. A university’s brand is more than its brand mark. It’s what a university communicates and how that communication is perceived. This comes from the core values expressed through senior leadership, from the shared experiences of the academic community and through partnerships with cultural and business communities enabling outreach efforts to become tangible expressions of the university identity.


How does our university distinguish itself? Towson University emphasizes excellence in teaching, scholarship, research and community engagement. Towson’s core values reflect high standards of integrity, collaboration, and service, contributing to the sustainability and enrichment of the culture, society, economy and environment of the State of Maryland and beyond. These positive actions inform how Towson University is perceived and understood.

Brand Mark

The university’s brand mark, visuals and the words we use to describe the university help us to establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity to the world. By consistently applying these visual standards we hope you will help us reinforce the vibrant spirit that defines the Towson University brand.

These brand guidelines: