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Towson University’s brand is built upon the opportunities we create, the mentorship we inspire and the extraordinary momentum propelling TU into the future.

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Access the university’s brand toolkit for complete brand messages, visual guidelines and design tools.

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The Division of University Marketing and Communications is responsible for establishing and monitoring appropriate application of all brand messages and visuals. Consistent use of the university’s brand assets and identity is important to maintaining Towson University's reputation as a top public university. Standards have been developed to help provide a framework for consistent use of TU brand assets.

Why does brand matter?

A university’s brand is more than its logo. It’s the voice we communicate with, and the messages that define us. It’s the images we share with our community and the world. This comes from the university’s core values, and the shared experiences of our students, alumni, faculty and staff, as well as TU’s connections and partnerships with the greater community beyond our campus.

How was the TU brand established?

An extensive identity audit was undergone to better define what makes Towson University distinct. This research-based, multi-phase, university-wide process helped guide creative expression, while shaping and reinforcing our story and personality – defining what makes us uniquely TU with our audiences. Feedback from more than 2,000 prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty, staff and community members on and off campus helped direct the design and development of the brand. 


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