Graduate Curriculum Committee

Overview and Responsibilities

The Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee, a subcommittee of the Graduate Studies Committee, handles graduate curriculum matters (including program and course proposals and changes) and reports to the Graduate Studies Committee. 

Responsibilities of the Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee:

1. To evaluate and submit to the Graduate Studies Committee graduate program proposals approved by the Committee.

2. To evaluate for graduate credit all proposed graduate courses and any changes in existing graduate courses.

3. To review proposals for new programs and courses to prevent redundancy and to promote interdepartmental and intercollegiate collaboration between programs.

4. To establish and review University-wide guidelines and definitions of graduate level learning; including course credits, level, prerequisites, course types, and special learning experiences.

5. To ensure the accuracy of graduate curricular information presented in University, college and department publications.

6. To study the overall graduate curriculum of the University and identify areas where strengthening is needed and to commission, if needed, studies to determine the feasibility of curriculum change.

7. To provide an annual report to the GSC for inclusion in the GSC annual report to the Academic Senate.


The Graduate Curriculum Committee shall be composed of one elected faculty member with graduate faculty status from each college with academic departments, as well as the Library; one graduate student appointed by the GSA to a one-year term; a representative of the Registrar’s office, ex officio and non-voting; and the Dean of Graduate Studies ex officio and non-voting. 

Name Department College Term Expiration
Michaël Dewally Finance CBE 2024
Lisa Custer Kinesiology CHP 2024
Amanda Ginter Family Studies CLA 2024
Sandy Spitzer Mathematics FCSM 2024
Amy Sowder-Koch Art + Design, Art History, Art Education COFAC 2024
Elisabeth White   Library 2024
TBD,    GSA 2022
representative, Registrar's Office (ex officio and non-voting)      
Dean of Graduate Studies (ex officio and non-voting)      


The Graduate Studies Curriculum Committee meets regularly on the first Friday of every month, at 1 PM.