Graduate Studies Strategic Plan

Mission of the Office of Graduate Studies within the Division of Academic Affairs
To provide resources, services, and leadership that support and guide the graduate academic programs across the University.

View of Van Bokkelen Hall

Vision of the Office of Graduate Studies for Graduate Programs
To be a powerful advocate for advancing graduate programs that prepare ethical and globally minded professionals who have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be leaders in their field and to make significant contributions in their chosen disciplines.

Guiding Principles
Advance a culture of academic excellence that supports graduate programs in their initiatives to:
• Develop graduate students’ ability to think critically about and generate creative solutions to problems specific to their fields of study
• Develop graduate students’ capacity to engage in an ongoing process of self-guided learning and discovery in their chosen fields
• Promote innovative and transformative education practices that foster:

• A passion for lifelong learning, personal growth, and professional development
• The generation and application of new knowledge and scholarly innovations
• Interdisciplinary learning and value added collaboration within diverse and multicultural communities
• Professional responsibility for advocating for the needs of local, regional, and global societies

Updated plan to coincide with the TU 2020-2030 Strategic Plan: Leadership for the Public Good is in development.