Support Us

Academic and financial support is essential for graduate students to advance as professionals and complete their educational programs. There are a number of ways alumni and TU community members can support Towson University graduate students.

Student Support

Towson University has a tradition of academic community building through alumni helping students with career advice, writing support and assisting international students in English skills language. As an alumni you have the potential to really help a graduate student reach his or her full potential. 

Career Mentor

Becoming a career mentor is a great opportunity to share your career expertise with students and for alumni to stay connected to the Towson University community.  Learn more about how to connect with current students who might benefit from your career expertise.

Writing Center Tutoring Program

Find out how you can help graduate students with scholarly and professional writing. Contact  if interested.

Conversation Partner Program

Connect with ELC students who want to communicate with English native speakers through casual conversation outside the classroom. Contact if interested.

Give to the Office of Graduate Studies

Your support is essential for our graduate students to advance as professionals, conduct their scholarship, and complete their educational programs. A one-year research or teaching assistantship is $24,000, but even $500 can help a student conduct research, and $200 can help a student attend a professional conference. You can give to the Office of Graduate Studies itself, to our general scholarship and more. The choice is yours, and we need your help.

Give to the Office of Graduate Studies.

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