Career Mentor Database

Our goal is to assist students with their career development and job/internship search by helping to connect them with professionals who are working in the fields that interest them and to begin building a network of professional contacts.

Student and mentor reviewing brochure and talking
 TU students are learning and getting advice from Career Mentors in their field, thanks to the Career Mentor Database.

*NOTICE: During our transition to Handshake, the Career Center is exploring new ways for our mentors to connect with students and alumni. We will be temporarily suspending the Career Mentor Database while we decide on a new platform to facilitate connections. We apologize for any inconvenience. Please feel free to contact the Career Center if you have any questions!

The students need someone to talk to and share their dreams with. Sometimes they need help in defining their dreams, other times they need confirmation that their dreams are legitimate. My role as a mentor has been one of listening with an open mind, offer encouragement and to share personal experiences not learned in the classroom. ”

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