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How do I get started?
Review the programs and exchanges listed on our website and watch our Study Abroad/Away 101 video.

How much does it cost to study abroad/away?
Costs vary depending on the program you choose and length of stay. Check out our list of Program Types to get a better understanding of the types of programs we offer.

“ I’ve always liked to travel and considered myself adventurous, but this experience showed me just how much I really love seeing new places and getting out of my comfort zone. My internship taught me so much and I believe that having a global mindset is one of the most important things to have (especially in our increasingly globalized society). It was a scary, fun, and wonderful summer – I’d do it all over again if I could. ”


Can I use financial aid?
YES! Most federally and TU funded aid and most scholarships can be used for study abroad/away. Your award will be based on your program costs so you may get more aid than you do for a regular term at TU. Students will work closely with the Study Abroad & Away Office and the Financial Aid Office to better understand the resources at their disposal.

Are scholarships available for study abroad/away?
Please visit the Scholarships and Financial Aid section of our website for more information. Please note the deadlines for TU Study Abroad/Away scholarships are as follows: March 15 for Summer, Fall and Academic Year and October 15 for Minimester and Spring.

Where can I study?
There are study opportunities worldwide. Search by Destination in our Program Finder.

What can I study?
Students may select courses in their major, minor, and/or choose to take Core and elective requirements.

Will the classes I take transfer to TU?
All courses taken through Towson University Study Abroad/Away administered programs, exchanges, and approved non-TU programs will be posted to your TU record. You will complete a Study Abroad Course Form before departure to determine how courses will apply to your TU degree.*

Will the grades I earn count in my TU GPA?
Letter grades for all courses taken abroad through TU administered programs, exchanges, and approved non-TU programs will be posted to the TU record using the Transfer Grading Basis but will not be calculated into the Towson GPA.*

When can I study abroad/away?
Students can study during Minimester, Summer, Spring Break, semester or academic year. Students are encouraged to check our Policies page to learn more about eligibility. Opportunities for graduate students are also available.

Can I study abroad/away for my last 30 credits at TU?
YES!! Students may study abroad/away during the final 30 credits of their undergraduate degree. However, each academic department requires a minimum number of major credits to be completed in residence at TU; exceptions may be made at the discretion of the department chair.

Where will I live when I study abroad/away?
Each program offers students living accommodations which may include dormitory housing, apartments, home stay, hotels, or bed and breakfasts.

In general, what are the deadlines for applications?
You should plan to have your applications submitted by September / October for Spring and Minimester programs or February / March for Summer, Fall and Academic Year programs in the semester before you want to be away. Please check Horizons program pages for specific deadlines.

* Exceptions include: TU faculty-led programs, TU Global Internships program, independent study or internships abroad

Are you currently abroad or away? Here are some frequently asked questions from former students:

I am currently taking classes that I did not get equated with a Study Abroad Course Form before I left. What should I do?
If your schedule changes after your program has started, you can get new courses equated from overseas by completing additional Study Abroad Course Forms. TIP: Bring all your coursework and syllabi for your courses home with you in case you need to have courses equated retroactively.

How will my grades and credits be posted to my TU record?
Letter grades for all courses taken abroad through Towson University Study Abroad/Away administered programs (including exchanges) and approved non-TU programs will be posted to the TU record using the Transfer Grading Basis but will NOT be calculated into the Towson GPA. (Exceptions: Grades will be calculated into the TU GPA for TU faculty-led programs and the TU Global Internship Program)

How do I submit a health insurance claim?
If you're participating on a TU program or exchange, please . If you are participating on a non-TU program, check with your program provider.

How do I register for classes back at TU while I'm away?
Register for TU classes for the semester you will be returning to campus through TU Onlien Services. TIP: Remember to look up your registration date and time and account for any time difference!

Other questions?
Check out our Policies page or email us at


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