Conversation Partner

The Conversation Partner Program is an activity for all ELC students who want to connect and communicate with English native speakers.

Conversation Partners talking at the University Union after attending a theatrical performance.

Towson University’s English Language Center matches TU students with ELC students. The goals of the program are to promote international friendships, cultural exchange, and language learning through casual conversations outside of the classroom.

We require the conversation partner groups to meet at least one hour per week. We begin with an orientation meeting so the new partners can meet one another and so we can explain and clarify questions about the program.


  • Partners are expected to contact each other to set up a regular meeting time.
  • Meeting locations are set up by all partners. You may find a good place on campus to talk over lunch, coffee etc. (The Den at Paws, West Village Commons, etc.) or meet off-campus.
  • Meet for a minimum of one hour a week.
  • Submit proper meeting forms.



  • Immerse yourself in direct contact with native/fluent speakers.

  • Gain English practice outside of the classroom setting.

  • Explore cultural knowledge exchange.

  • Build confidence.

  • Make new friends.


  • Explore contact with different cultures.

  • Gain fulfillment in helping international students.

  • Collect volunteer hours.

  • Add to your resume.

  • Make new friends.