Submit Your Grant Proposal

The sections below outline OSPR procedures and expectations for the proposal submission process. 

When should I notify the OSPR that I plan to submit?

The OSPR prefers notice to be delivered at least thirty (30) days prior to the submission deadline. This time period gives both the OSPR and the Principal Investigator (PI) enough time to develop the proposal and secure the necessary Towson University approvals.

For a more in-depth timeline, view the Proposal Plan Template (XLSX). Entering the required dates in the green fields will automatically calculate the preferred timeline for you.

Pre-award point of contact college
Rod Waterman
Associate Director of Pre-Award 
Administration Building, 319
Phone: 410-704-4931


Anne Greene
Senior Grant & Contract Administrator
Administration Building, 321
Phone: 410-704-4488




Non-Academic Offices

Kat Fusick
Grant & Contract Administrator
Administration Building, 322
Phone: 410-704-4687



What should I send to the OSPR?

In your email notifying the OSPR that you plan to submit, you should include:

  • Your name and preferred contact information
  • A link to the request for proposal (RFP) or a copy of the opportunity
  • A summary or description of the research or project you wish to undertake
  • Deadline or expected submission date
  • Tentative title and project start/end dates
  • Notification emails can be sent to

What happens after I notify OSPR I plan to submit?

After receiving the notification, a member of the OSPR's pre-award team will assign your proposal a tracking number and then contact you.

An OSPR team member will review the RFP and study the opportunity's guidelines. We will then schedule a meeting with you to go over the proposal's details and confirm the submission plan.

In the weeks leading up to submission, we will work with you to review and finalize the following required and optional documents, depending on your proposal.

Required documents optional documents
An abstract, summary, or scope of work

Any needed subrecipient documents, such as a budget and/or letter of intent to form a consortium

A finalized budget

Letters of support from involved parties or stakeholders

Certification to serve as Principal Investigator (PI)

Conflict of Interest form (PDF)

Completed institutional questionnaire form

If using human subjects, an IRB protocol

If using certain animal subjects, an IACUC protocol

After these documents are gathered, the proposal will be routed for approval.

Kuali Research

Kuali Coeus (KC) is a web-based integrated software system that supports core processes in the OSPR. It is used for proposal development and submission, award and subaward management, IRB and IACUC protocols and committees, and general agreements and negotiations associated with sponsored programs, such as materials transfer, teaming and research, confidentiality, and invention disclosure.

Sign in using your Towson NETID and password here.

Note: Please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to login to Kuali. Internet Explorer and Safari browsers may experience issues with loading the pages.

How do I receive the necessary Towson University approvals?

We will work with you to help you route your proposal for approval to appropriate Towson University personnel within Kuali Coeus. For the steps on how to approve a proposal, please view our Proposal Approval Guide (PDF).

The approval routing chain will include:

  • Your department chairperson
  • Your college dean
  • The AVP for research
  • The chairs and deans of any other faculty involved in the project

And may also include:

  • Towson University Foundation approval
  • Provost's budget office approval for cost sharing

Contact  if you would like to set up a 30 minute training session for using Kuali.

Who submits the final application?

The OSPR will be the final reviewer and submitter for all proposals where the university is the main applicant of record. In instances where the Towson University Foundation is the main applicant, a TUF member will perform the submission.

For applications going through the National Science Foundation's Fastlane portal, you should create your application, then navigate to the "Proposal Actions" page and click the "Allow SRO Access" button to enable the OSPR staff to edit, review, and submit the proposal.

Other applications submitted via a PDF packet will also be completed by the OSPR team member assigned to your proposal, who will work with you to gather the necessary information and supporting documents.

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