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The Towson University Institutional Review Board (IRB) follows a monthly deadline system for application submissions and reviews. Read further on for how the process works. 


Guidance for In-person Human Subjects Research

To minimize risk to human subjects, principal investigators are encouraged to conduct research remotely whenever possible. When conducting in-person research, principal investigators are expected to adhere to University, State, and Federal guidelines including relevant CDC guidance that are in place at the time the research is occurring.

Investigators should ensure that consent documents inform participants of COVID-19 Risks/Discomfort that may be associated with engaging in human subjects research. The language below would be a suitable statement:

PIs are expected to adhere to University guidelines for research conducted on campus and to adhere to site-specific requirements when conducting research at off-campus locations. 

You may also visit the Office of the Provost or Health & Safety Protocols for information on the Return to Research phases.

Guidance for Conducting Online Research

To ensure that data collection remains anonymous for anonymous studies, be sure to set up the survey so that it does not collect IP addresses. In addition, please add the following required language into the confidentiality section of the consent form (and fill in the appropriate information where indicated):

The data are being collected via the online platform <specify>. To address any concerns you may have about the confidentiality of data collected in this manner, please see <specify the company’s> Data Privacy Policy at <include the URL here>. You should specifically look at the section entitled, <direct participants to the relevant section of the data privacy policy>. Please note that although we, the researchers, will not be collecting information that could identify you, only you can fully guarantee the security of the data you provide. You are encouraged to take the survey in a private location where others are unable to see your responses.

If you have an IRB approved study that you want to move online for data collection, please see additional guidance from the IRB. 

Access the online submission system, Kuali Protocols! If you have questions about this please contact the IRB at  

Kuali Protocols

A note to help get you started

The PI Manual 

A Principal Investigator (PI) Manual (PDF/DOCX) has been developed to help researchers navigate the IRB process and complete their application. The IRB strongly suggests that all researchers refer to this manual when preparing their proposals. Click on a topic within the Table of Contents to go directly to the section you wish to read. 

Template Consent Form

The IRB has created a template consent form (PDF/DOCX) with required/optional sections, as well as recommended language that all TU investigators should adhere to. The IRB will heavily reference this template in their reviews. Please follow carefully to avoid minimum revisions after submission. 

Navigating Kuali Protocols

Not sure how to submit in the new system? View our Kuali Protocols User Guide PowerPoint.

In addition, you can visit the Kuali Protocols Support Page for step-by-step instructions on each phase of the submission and review process, including amending, renewing, and closing out protocols. 

Student investigators cannot be added to faculty protocols until they have logged into the system at least once. 

Next full board Deadline: july 8

Full Board protocols must submitted no later than 12:00 PM on the next deadline date. Complete protocols and attached materials are transmitted to the IRB committee on the deadline date to give the members ample time to review ahead of the IRB meeting scheduled for the following week.

*Standard, Accelerated, and Amended applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Review Timelines

Please allow time for administrative processing. You should expect a response within 2 weeks (10 business days) for accelerated review or 3 weeks (15 business days) for standard review within receipt of your confirmation email that it has been submitted to a reviewer. 

Steps to Submission, Review, and Approval

The IRB reviews all proposals for human subjects' research before the research is conducted to ensure that the research plan adequately protects human subjects.  

  1. Determine if your research requires IRB review. Not all research requires review and approval from the IRB. Your research must meet the definition of Human Subjects Research. Visit the PI Manual for more information on this.
  2. Determine the next deadline date you must submit all materials by. (*See below for the most up-to-date information.)
  3. If you are a student investigator:
    1. Identify a faculty advisor who will oversee and help guide you through your research. You must have a faculty advisor in order for your study to be reviewed and approved. Your advisor will need to complete the Faculty Advisor Agreement (DOCX/PDF). This will need to be attached separately in your online protocol for it to be accepted and reviewed by the IRB. 
  4. Complete CITI Human Subjects Training. Please note that all investigators who are directly involved with human subjects and data collection/analysis must complete training. Please be mindful of who is considered a co-investigator and is directly involved with human subjects and data collection/analysis.
    1. Kuali Protocols will automatically pull CITI certificates into your online protocol when you add TU faculty, staff, or students. External investigators will need to have their certificates attached separately.
    2. Applications will not move forward to review until certificates of completion have been received from ALL study personnel. 
  5. Determine if your research falls under accelerated, standard, or full board review. You will need to know which kind of review your research will fall under in order to submit for the appropriate review timeline. 
    1. Kuali Protocols has a general questionnaire that will populate the correct application for your type of review. 
  6. Complete your application, attach all supporting documents, necessary signatures, and submit electronically in Kuali Protocols. 

View the TU IRB Quick Guide for more information on the process. 

View the Quick Guide (PPTX)


Each month has a deadline for when applications requesting full board review must be submitted by in order to be reviewed at the next IRB meeting. This is to guarantee that you will hear back on the status of your application in a timely manner.

Completed applications are due by 12:00 PM on the 2nd Friday of the month. Applications received after this date WILL NOT be sent for review until the next deadline. 

NOTE: IRB meeting dates may be canceled if no requests for Full Board review are received. 

Application Deadlines IRB Meeting Dates
June 10 June 17
July 8 July 15
August 12 August 19
September 9 September 16
October 14 October 21
November 11 November 18
December 9 December 16

Note to early applicants

TU adheres to a strict deadline in order to promote fairness in review length timelines. Should you submit your application in advance of the next deadline, please note that your application will be processed, but will not be submitted for review to an IRB reviewer until that deadline date.

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