Get Started With a New Award

Sponsored agreements are awarded to the university on behalf of the principal investigator (PI). It is important to note that the PI holds primary responsibility over fiscal oversight and technical completion.

Contact Your Post-Award Administrator

Jai-Lyn Elliott
Assistant Director for Post-Award 
Administration Building, 320
Phone: 410-704-2033
  • CHP
  • CLA
  • FDRC/Seed Funding
Kevin Smith
Grants and Contracts Administrator
Administration Building, 324
Phone: 410-704-4932
  • All FCSM Departments other than BIOL and CHEM

Deandra James
Grant & Contract Specialist
Administration Building, 318B
Phone: 410-704-4933

  • COE
  • CBE
  • Library
  • Academic Affairs

Prepare for Grant Management

The university is legally responsible for all sponsored agreements; therefore, post-award grant management must follow Towson University's Financial Services policies and procedures. Please see the pages in this section and the Faculty Handbook to ensure that proper policies and procedures are followed.