Research Stories

TU is known nationally and internationally for excellence in research and creative activity

Towson University’s faculty are among the world’s leading scholars, expanding human knowledge through research in their disciplines. What makes research here unique is that our faculty are not simply engrossed in their research, they teach and involve our students while conducting research. This close collaboration between faculty and students sets TU apart from other institutions and is our foundation for academic excellence.

Jennifer Figg

Faculty Profile—Jennifer Figg

Jennifer Figg (Department of Art+Design, Art History and Art Education) has an interest in energy, technology and the environment. Her research with electromechanical kinetic light sculptures has led to displays at the Baltimore Visitor’s Center and during Baltimore’s annual Light City Festival. She uses a variety of materials including glass, textiles, metal, sound, video, and electronics to investigate the connections between ecology, industry, science and identity. 

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Nadim Alkharouf

Faculty Profile—Nadim Alkharouf

Nadim Alkharouf (Department of Computer Science) looks to help stop millions of dollars in agriculture losses. His team is studying the sugar beet maggot, a destructive pathogen, in order to pinpoint genes within sugar beets that can be turned on or off to make them more resistant to the maggots or alternatively, kill the pest before it invades the plant.

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daniel andrades

Student Profile—Daniel Andrades ’16

A member of the Honors College, Daniel Andrades served as a research assistant for the Department of Kinesiology, presented on his research at six regional and national conferences, and formed his own student research team as a TU student.

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cassidy stout

Student Profile—Cassidy Stout ’17

Under the mentorship of Professor Timothy Brunker (Department of Chemistry), Cassidy Stout completed several research projects as an undergraduate student. She is now in her first year of medical school at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS).

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