Net Price Calculator

This Net Price Calculator can normally be used to estimate your Net Annual Cost to attend TU as an undergraduate student based on the typical costs and the median need-based grants received by students with similar family incomes.

Unfortunately, this calculator is currently pulling the wrong grant estimates for certain students. For families that report income great than $99,000, it is reporting $15,092 in estimated need-based grants, when it should be reporting $0 estimated grants.  We can't test every possible income and household size scenario, but for several other scenarios that we tested, it did pull the correct grant estimates.

Our calculator was created by the National Center for Education Statistics (NECS).  We have asked them to correct their error and will update our calculator as soon as they provide a revised template.

Calculator Limitations

  • We use a calculator developed annually by the National Center for Education Statistics, and their most recent version uses 2020-2021 data.
  • Estimated Total Costs include Direct Costs (tuition, campus housing and meal plans) and allowances for Indirect Costs (off-campus housing, transportation and personal expenses).
  • This calculator provides fairly accurate estimates of need-based grants, but only for students who meet these Federal Aid Eligibility Requirements
  • It does not accurately estimate scholarships because it does not collect any GPA data. For more information, see Scholarships.
  • The calculator uses a simplified financial need formula. Your actual need will be based on your FAFSA data.
  • To receive an actual aid offer, you must Apply for Aid. Actual award amounts will vary based on your data and application dates.