Second Bachelor’s Program Policies

Towson Students

The first baccalaureate degree must be awarded by a regionally approved institution. A maximum of 90 credits will be transferable from the first degree to fulfill Core Curriculum requirements. Credits taken at two-year or four-year schools after the first degree was awarded will be considered in the 90 transferable-credit maximum. Official transcripts from all schools attended are required. Once admitted to Towson University, a second bachelor's student may not take course work at another institution and transfer it back to Towson University.

To be eligible for admission, applicants must have a 2.00 cumulative GPA from all previous institutions attended. Exceptions may be granted on an individual basis, as noted below. The following policies apply to all second bachelor’s applicants:

  • Acceptance to the second bachelor's program does NOT guarantee acceptance into a competitive/screened major (e.g., nursing, accounting, education, dance, etc.). All departmental requirements, such as GPA, interview, testing or audition, must be met prior to admission to the major.
  • Applicants who have been academically dismissed from an institution will be considered for admission provided they have completed 24 credits beyond the dismissal at an accredited institution.
  • Applicants who have less than a 2.00 GPA in post-baccalaureate work may enroll as a non-degree student and complete a minimum of 6 units. If they obtain at least a 2.00 GPA, they will be re-evaluated for admission to the second bachelor's program.
  • A minimum of 30 units must be completed at Towson University. If a student chooses a major where the number of units exceeds 30, the student must complete the units required for that major.
  • A minimum of 15 units must be taken as a degree candidate before one can graduate from Towson University.
  • At least one-half of the second bachelor's major requirements must be completed in residence at Towson University. (TU alumni must have at least one-half of the second bachelor’s major requirements left to earn since the completion of their first degree.) Students in a major requiring more than 60 units must have half of those units left to earn even though it is more than the 30-unit minimum.
  • With 90 transferable credits from the first degree, second bachelor's students are considered to have met the university's general education requirements in transfer with the exception of an advanced composition/upper level writing course. Towson alumni who have already met this requirement are exempt, provided their new major does not require an advanced writing course. Students who believe they took a comparable advanced writing course in their first degree may petition the English Department for permission to have this requirement waived.
  • Once admitted to Towson University, a second bachelor's student may not take course work at another institution and transfer it back to Towson University.
  • Students may not use units gained through Credit for Prior Learning options (e.g., CLEP exams) unless they are earned at Towson. These units may be used toward completion of the second bachelor's degree as long as at least 30 units of regular course work are also completed.
  • Graduate credits may not be applied to the second bachelor's degree. Students who wish to pursue a second bachelor's and a master's degree at the same time must apply and be admitted to each program separately.
  • A student may double major and/or declare a minor in the second bachelor's program.
  • Students electing interdisciplinary studies as a major and pursuing a non-thematic option must have a course of study approved by the College of Liberal Arts program director of that major.
  • If the intermediate level of a foreign language is completed through either the first or second degree, a Bachelor of Arts (rather than Bachelor of Science) can be awarded.
  • Second bachelor's students must meet major department requirements from the catalog under which they were officially admitted. Students have ten (10) years to graduate under that catalog.
  • Students who are not in continuous enrollment (fall and spring terms) must be readmitted by the posted deadline dates (August 1 for fall and December 1 for spring) in order to regain Second Bachelor's degree status. A Re-enrollment Form must be submitted to the Readmission Office located in the Enrollment Services Center 235, 410-704-2007.
  • F-1 or J-1 Visa holders must complete the International Admissions Requirements. (See Information for International Students). Students who have course work completed outside of the United States must submit a course-by-course evaluation.
  • To be evaluated for a second bachelor's degree with Latin Honors, a student must first have completed a minimum of 60 units of undergraduate work at TU in the second degree. Please contact the Graduation Office, 410-704-2095, for more information.
  • Students with Advanced Placement credit will only be awarded towards a Second Bachelor’s degree if the Academic Standards Committee approves. Any student wishing to apply AP credits to their degree must petition Academic Standards officially. There is no guarantee that AP credit will be awarded towards the intended program.