First-Year Students

Setting yourself up for academic success begins when you first arrive to campus. Here are some key things to explore to make the most of your first undergraduate year.

Students on campus

First-Year Experience Program

Our First Year Experience (FYE) program offers first-year students guidance throughout their first academic year in order to help them cultivate the knowledge and decision-making skills that are essential for future academic success and progress.

The FYE program exists to help our students navigate their first year at TU. All incoming first-year students will participate.

FYE students work closely with a trained academic advisor throughout their first academic year. This advisor may be a TU faculty member or professional advisor. The advisor and student will meet 2-3 times every term. 

This advisor is trained to advise students on course selection, majors/minors, academic enrichment opportunities (such as internships and study abroad), as well as the general adjustment to college, including time management and developing study skills.

The ultimate goal of FYE is to set our students up for academic success and timely graduation.

Core Curriculum

Learn about the 14 core curriculum requirements designed to give TU students a well rounded and diverse education in addition to their major requirements. 

Towson Seminar Course

The Towson Seminar Course (TSEM 102) is designed to introduce students to the academic expectations of college-level work, required to be completed during the first two semesters at TU.