Sony Robles Florendo: Art from the Heart

Sony Robles Florendo, 1936 - 2021

Sony Florendo

In Memoriam: ART from the HEART

“Laymen” and wannabes just stopped at hobby — yet, marveled at artists on easel. Sony jumped on the art train express, wielded brushes, and painted away, mounted solo and group exhibitions internationally!

The artist in Sony was innate, eager to be tapped. So, she explored, discovered her art niche as naïf artist. Van Gogh had his Theo; Sony had Gerry and a supportive family, invaluable to her success. She likewise inspired healing on others as part of her quest. At an early stage, even Gerry pitched a few lines on canvas that made “Sinigang” fun and virtually delicious! Her “My Beloved Children” is a naïf portrayal that spells thousands of words.

I consider her an art whirlwind — accomplished so much in so short a time. After learning to respect and use many art materials, she came up with vivid unusual colors and combinations that were her own. She took careful aim at forms, lines and shapes as she called on her memories to choose subjects. Her artwork induced conversation that fueled interesting speculations, as viewers were free to interpret each painting. With her lifelong experience that lent a keen eye for the relevant and beautiful, she went on her own way to become a welcome colleague, her name carved in art history.

Josie Lim Cruz, Artist
September, 2021


Sony Robles Florendo started her career in the art of painting at age 77. Starting as a "naif" painter, she drew inspiration from memory and scenes from her childhood. She later enjoyed abstract painting, wanting viewers to interpret her works as they see it. “I am grateful for the gift of art that came, touched and inspired me to be confident in creating paintings from my heart. I paint to be happy. Happiness helps me heal from the many health challenges I experience and face.”

Sony 2