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FALL 2019

Sayaka Ganz: Reclaimed Creations exhibitionExhibition | 

September 19 - December 7 (Closed Nov. 27-30)

Enter a wonderland of airy horses, birds, and sea creatures appearing to fly, swim, run and swirl. Sayaka Kajita Ganz creates sculptures from reclaimed plastic objects, arranging the fragments of waste into fluid images of birds and animals that appear to be created from brush strokes. The artist states, “My work is about perceiving harmony, even in situations that appear chaotic from the inside,” and notes that her work is inspired by “Shinto animist belief that all things in the world have spirits.”

Produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C., David J. Wagner, Ph.D., Curator/Tour Director

Visit the touring exhibition website.

Admission is free. 
Gallery Hours during exhibition: Monday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Artist Sayaka Kajita GanzGallery Talk & Opening Reception | Meet the Artist: Sayaka Kajita Ganz

Thursday, September 19, 6:30 p.m.
Asian Arts Gallery and Atrium, Center for the ARTS

Celebrate the opening of Reclaimed Creations with a gallery talk by and opening reception with artist, Sayaka Kajita Ganz.
Ganz is a world citizen who was born in Yokohama; grew up in Japan, Brazil, and Hong Kong; and studied, taught, and works in the United States. She discusses her process and philosophy of creating welded sculptures of animal forms. 

Tatsuya Nakatani - Nakatani Gong Orchestra (NGO)Performance | Nakatani Gong Orchestra

Saturday, November 16, 8 p.m.
The Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave, Baltimore

Avant-garde sound artist, master percussionist and composer, Tatsuya Nakatani, performs genre-defying solo works and leads local players in playing complex, harmonic compositions on Chinese wind gongs using his original bowing technique.  The Japanese concept of ma (emptiness) and the physicality of vibration are central to Nakatani’s compositions and philosophy of sound. 

Family Arts DayCommunity Event | Family Arts Day


Drop-in for an afternoon of hands-on art activities, interactive gallery tours, story time, and more inspired by the current exhibitions in the Center for the Arts galleries and Asian Arts and Culture Center. The day’s activities are designed and guided by Towson University students, faculty and staff. Visitors of all ages welcome!

Partners: TU COMMUNITY ART CENTER, Asian Arts and Culture Center, TU Community Dance, Cook Library, Center for the Arts Galleries, Department of Art + Design, Art History & Art Education, Department of Early Childhood Education

TU Cambodian Classical Music EnsemblePerformance | TU Ensembles: World Music and Cambodian Classical

TUESDAY, November 19, 8 p.m.
Harold J. Kaplan Concert Hall, CA 3042, 

Students in the TU World Music Ensemble, directed by Andrea Vercoe, and TU Cambodian Classical Music Ensemble, directed by Chum Ngek, will each perform in this joint concert. Co-presented by the Asian Arts & Culture Center and TU Department of Music.

Admission is free.

Additional programs and events to be announced. 

Past Events 

Artwork by Ashrith Devalapally, age 9Exhibition | ASIA IN MARYLAND: Community Student Art Exhibition

JULY 21 - 26, 2019

The AA&CC is excited to present our first ever Asia in Maryland: Community Student Art Exhibition. This week-long exhibition features Madhubani-style and other Indian folk art-inspired work by students of community artist Rachana Saurabh. Madhubani painting is an ancient Indian folk art characterized by eye-catching geometrical patterns, and motifs of flowers, birds and other animals.  

Exhibition: Mastering Infinite Strength - Asia's Martial ArtsExhibition | Mastering Infinite Strength: Asia's Martial Arts

February 15 - May 12 (closed Mar. 17 - 24)

Explore the diverse world of martial arts—such as kung fu, kobudo, tang soo do, and kendo—originating in China, Japan, and Korea. Regional martial arts specialists present their insights and expertise about training, fighting techniques, mental discipline, self-defense, sport and more. Learn about the histories of these traditions and their global diffusion.

Asia North: A Celebration of Art, Culture & CommunityExhibition & Festival | Asia North: A Celebration of Art, Culture & Community

March 29 - April 28
Motor House, 120 W. North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201

FRIDAY, March 29 | Opening Reception & Performance, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Saturday, March 30 | exhibition, performances, Hands-on activities, 1 p.m. - 9 p.m.; CHARM CITY UNDERGROUND NIGHT MARKET, 7 P.M. - 1 A.M.
Sunday, March 31 | Taste of Koreatown Food Tour, 3 P.M. - 5 P.M.

Celebrate Baltimore's Charles North neighborhood -- its past and present history as a “Koreatown” and part of the Station North Arts and Entertainment district, as well as its increasing cultural diversity. An exhibit titled "Intricate Layers" features work by local artists who are Asian and Asian American. Performances by EN'B, Ami Dang, Washington Salmunori, lion dancers, Chalak Bollywood Dancers, Sound of Heaven, Divya Raja, Phounam Pin, Shodekeh, and Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective (BAPAC). Join a tour of Asian restaurants in the neighborhood. Co-presented with Central Baltimore Partnership and The Motor House.

Performance: Akiko Kitamura's Cross TransitMulti-Media Dance Performance and Q&A | Akiko Kitamura's Cross Transit

Friday, March 15, 8 P.M.
Stephens Hall Theatre

International choreographer and dancer, Akiko Kitamura, and Cambodian artist and photographer, Kim Hak merge photography, voice, video and multimedia technology with traditional and contemporary dance, music, and martial arts to convey the universally relevant but rapidly fading memories of the Cambodian history. The Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective moderates a Q&A with the artists immediately following the performance.

Workshop: Beginner's Self-DefenseWorkshop | Beginner's Self-Defense - Featuring Tang Soo Do and Karate

Thursday, February 21, 6:30 p.m.
University Union, UU 305

Learn the basics of body posture, voice tactics, establishing boundaries, and easy-to-remember movements to defend yourself. Come prepared by wearing athletic clothing and shoes. Recommended for ages 18+.

Workshop: Intro to Kung Fu, Contemporary Wushu and SandaWorkshop | Introduction to Kung Fu, Contemporary Wushu and Sanda!

Wednesday, February 27, 6:30 p.m.
University Union, Chesapeake 3

Experience, first hand, the exciting world of Chinese Martial Arts! Participants will focus their minds, root their stances, snap their kicks, and drive their punches. All experience levels, including total beginners, will learn something new and get a good workout guided by instructors from Goh's Kung Fu. Join us and learn something powerful!

Demonstration: Intro to Kendo "The Way of the Sword"Demonstration | Introduction to Kendo "The Way of the Sword"

Thursday, March 7, 6:30 P.M.

Learn the fixed forms (kata) that make up the basic elements of kendo swordsmanship.  Kata include fundamental techniques of attacking and counter-attacking and have practical applications in general kendo. 

Demonstration | Feeding Crane Style Kung Fu


"Feeding Crane” (Sit-hoh-kun or She-he-quan) is a branch of the White Crane kungfu which originated in Southern China and is preserved in Taiwan. The Crane system is known for its burst of power and footwork. The demo session will introduce the basic conditioning activities for power burst development and the basic forms for footwork training.

Continuing Programs

Asia in Maryland (AIM) Cultural Connection

This ongoing project highlights exhibitions, performances, workshops, artist residencies, and online resources featuring local Asian arts and culture in Maryland communities . It also incorporates The Asia in Maryland (AIM) Cultural History Project, an interdisciplinary studies course combining ethnography and oral history to explore, understand and document Asian arts and culture in Maryland. Student research informs Center programming. In fall 2015, we initiated the “Connection” with an exhibition, performances, workshops and family days introducing local audiences to the living Khmer art and culture in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Asia in Maryland (AIM) Cultural History Project

Asia in Maryland (AIM) Cultural History Project

The Asia in Maryland (AIM) Cultural History Project (IDFA 480/580 Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Special Topics Seminar) is an interdisciplinary studies course in Towson University’s College of Fine Arts & Communication. This course combines ethnography and oral history to explore, understand and document Asian arts and culture in Maryland. Students identify their own research topic and conduct independent research with guidance from the instructors throughout the semester.  Topics can include art, music, dance, theater, foodways, costumes, healing arts, martial arts and more. Students create a portfolio of their research as a culminating project at the end of the semester. Student projects will be used in programs at the Asian Arts & Culture Center.

Read about the topics OUR students researched...

Family Art Day

Family Arts Days

The AA&CC collaborates every semester with TU’s Community Art Center to engage families in experiencing and making art through drop-in art activities, performances, interactive gallery experiences, and story time.