Cuban National Ballet School

Founded in 1931 as the Ballet School of the Sociedad Pro-Arte Musical de La Habana, the Cuban National Ballet School (Escuela Nacional Cubana de Ballet) is one of the largest and most prestigious ballet schools in the world. Currently, the school has approximately 3,000 students under the tutelage of director Maestra Ramona de Saà.

Ramona de Saà


Great maître of the Ballet, Maestra de Saà is one of the most remarkable figures in the pedagogy of dance in the contemporary world and creator of the current education system of the Classic Dance of the Republic of Cuba. A professor of the National School of Ballet; adjunct professor of the Superior Institute of Art; founder, under the direction of Fernando Alonso, of the School of Ballet of the National School of Art (1962); in 1965 she became the Directress of this institution.

As a dancer and founder of the National Ballet of Cuba, she performed her art in important theatres in Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Chile, Ecuador, the United States, Hungary, Mexico, Peru, Poland, the Soviet Union, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Maestra de Saà has been the teacher of several important figures of the National Ballet of Cuba, among them the principal dancers Amparo Brito, Rosario Suárez, Lorna Feijóo, Alihaydée Carreño and Carlos Junior Acosta. In October of 2000, the Superior Institute of Art of the Republic of Cuba gave her the Doctor’s title Honoris Causa in Art.

Yuneysi Rodriguez


Ms. Rodriguez graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Ballet de Cuba in 2001. She performed with the National Ballet of Cuba for two years, after which she joined the faculty. In 2006, she graduated from the Superior Institute of the Arts as Ballet Specialist where she presented her diploma work “Characterization of the Male Dancer Trained at the Middle Level of the Cuban School of Ballet”, and “Characteristics of the Formation of the Male Dancer Trained at the Cuban School of Ballet.”

Ms. Rodriguez teaches in international exchange programs in Cape Town, South Africa; Chicago, Illinois; San Antonio, Texas; and Michoacán, Mexico.  She also teaches for ballet competitions in Calabria, Italy, and Nuevo León, Mexico.  Ms. Rodriguez also works with Dr. Ramona de Saà, Director of Escuela Nacional de Ballet de Cuba, on the preparation of the students for national and international competitions.



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