Exhibitions: MFA Candidates Fall 2020

In partial completion of degree requirements, several artists are exhibiting this season.

Brianna Doyle:

Jesus is the son, and the sun is a circle


Doyle explores complexities of morals and ethics that results from growing up between vastly different environments. She uses collage to depict imagery that seemingly opposes itself to show the internal dilemmas that comes with an identity full of dichotomies.

Installation Views

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Jack Livingston:

Falling off the Edge of Nebraska

Livingston blends fact and fiction in this large-scale multimedia installation to present a fractured memoir that draws on the mythic American West and the counter-culture experience of the past half century. He assumes the role of an unreliable narrator in order to exhume a rich history both cultural and personal. 

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Installation Views

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Khalid Ali:

Honest Living 

Ali, a documentary filmmaker, explores how work can define or defy one’s identity. His subjects toil in humble jobs: an itinerant knife sharpener, a fine artist, urban window washers. All aspire to greatness yet take pride in their daily work, teaching us much about the tension between humility and ambition.

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