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DISordered Systems

The artist-activists in this exhibition are intercessors and illuminators suggesting a path for renewal through visual and responsive engagement.

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photo of a mountain range

Across the West and Toward the North: Norwegian and American Landscape Photography

Photographers provided new ways of seeing the effects of mapping and exploration: infrastructure changes, the exploitation of natural resources, and the influx of tourism.

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Lek Vercauteren Borja

Anak (My Child)

Works explore the personal and social impact of Spanish colonization and American imperialism on the Filipino experience.

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Artist: Lek Vercauteren Borja.

Phaan Howng with art work

A Bag of Rocks for A Bag of Rice

Phaan Howng’s site-specific installation engages East Asian gardens as a case study of the dynamics embedded within these private spaces.

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Artist: Phaan Howng

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All Decked Out

The featured artists, who span from emerging to established, expand upon what it means to adorn the body, clothes, objects, surfaces, and spaces.

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Artists include: Jackie Andrews, Mando Bee, Amy Boone-McCreesh, Hannah Brill, Leslie Boyd, Ling Chun, Sonya Clark , Emily Cobb, Gina Denton, Joshua DeMonte, Nicole Dest, Chloe Doran, Breana Ferrara, Kalkidan Hoex, Jisoo Lee, Leigh Maddox, Ellie Mullen, Nazanin Sadri, Joyce J. Scott, Matthew Sherwood, and Mallory Weston.

Center for the Arts Gallery

All Night Party

The works explore historical juxtapositions that complicate and make fascinating our recent past, and the connections we find between those events and our present era.

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Artists include: Dennis Beach, Bobby Coleman, Alex Ebstein, Tim McFarlane, Dominie Nash, McKinley Wallace III.

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EX-tend EX-cess: Metamorphosis in Clay

This exhibition of contemporary abstraction through the medium of clay explores the grasping of transformation through “Action Clay-ing” — additions, growth, combinations, excess, exits and entrances, and endings and beginnings — as extensions of the artists’ bodily gestures and conceptual ideas.

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Artists include: Ebitenyefa Baralaye, Cassils, Roxanne Jackson, Sara Parent-Ramos, Zemer Peled, Rotem Reshef, Martha Rieger, Brie Ruais, Anthony Sonnenberg, Gabriela Vainsencher, Michael Ware, Matt Wedel, and Shiyuan Xu.

CFA at Night

Faculty Biennial Exhibition 2021

TU faculty share their recent works in various media.

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Artists include: TU Art + Design Faculty

Exhibition title in blue text on white background resembling a fortune cookie slip

fortune : folly

kelli rae adams utilizes clay in various states of permanency—often alongside additional materials—to create installation-based works that examine prevailing economic systems and probe our existing relationships to labor, currency, and value. 

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Artist: kelli rae adams

Cantilevered #59

Fragments - Layers - Combinations

Two masters create abstract images by building up layers and combining parts, utilizing paint and other materials. 

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Artists include: Nanette Carter and Robert Straight

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How to Shrimp Cocktail

Baltimore-based artist Danni O’Brien works with mixed media, creating three-dimensional hard and soft objects that come together in an immersive installation.

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Artist: Danni O'Brien

MFA Gallery

MFA Exhibitions Spring 2021

In partial fulfillment of degree requirements, MFA candidates display their work.

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Artists include: Kat Pfeiffer, You Wu, Daniel Jonas and Ikenna Umeh.

MFA Gallery

MFA Exhibitions Fall 2020

In partial fulfillment of degree requirements, MFA candidates display their work.

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Artists include: Brianna Doyle, Jack Livingston and Khalid Ali.

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Novo Legado Bmore Legends

New works of Baltimore artists whose livelihood and art practice reach beyond their solo careers.

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Artists include: Italo De Déa, Erin Fostel, Kayla Fryer, LaToya Hobbs, Alpha Massaquoi and Ernest Shaw.

Dan Keplinger

Public/Private Conversations

A celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the 20th anniversary of the award winning film, “King Gimp,” about Dan Keplinger.

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Artists include: Dan Keplinger, “King Gimp.”

Senior Show Spring 2021

Senior Show Spring 2021

TU student's work representing the various tracks, media and techniques.

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Artists include: Students from multiple areas.

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Celebrating the miniature from the fantastical to the absurd, the artists employ tiny forms to examine everything from our relationship with nature to politics and professions, the home, iconic films, personal hobbies, and our idiosyncratic pandemic response. 

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Artists include: Thomas Doyle, Joe Fig, Gina Kamentsky, Kurt Moses, Danni O'Brien, Jill Orlov, Liliana Porter, and Jennifer Strunge.

Vote BLM Logo

VOTE & BLM Advocacy Posters

TU Graphic Design students actively engaged in designing posters that seek to inform, advocate and demand action through their visual power.

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Artists include: Alonzo Adams, Ryan Bishop, Keylayla Blackman, Torrie Bordes, Angela Colandro, Bailey Conrad, Mariah Cook, Pattarakan Daothong, Emily Donahoe, Zachary Escobar, Brendan Felch, Pamela Grimes, Megan Hainley, Ja’Lyn Hicks, Rahmani Holt, Bryce Kelley, Javonquay Montgomery, Evan Mowbray, Kevin Neumann, Victoria Nicholson, Alexandra Piasecki, Allison Rakhamimov, Madison Rinehart, Naila Parker-Sanchez, Shreyesh Shrestha, Genesis Smith, Lily Snyder, Dominic Stricklin, Rachel Thompson, Hannah Utermahlen, Samantha Wal, Kayla Washington, Stephanie White, Skye Williams, Noah Young.