Exhibitions: MFA Candidates Spring 2021

In partial completion of degree requirements, several artists are exhibiting this season.

Kat Pfeiffer

Collectors: A Family History

Pfeiffer weaves together personal narratives in Collectors, an illustrated anthology that encompasses her family's history. Mixed media, drawings, scanned documents, interviews, and prose are collaged in an examination of individual stories and how they connect in overarching themes across generations.

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Installation Views

Detail Views

You Wu


Wu appropriates visual motifs from contemporary advertisements to fabricate satirical scenarios where leisure and labor are indistinguishable. Through the combination of found objects, soft sculptures, videos, and microelectronics, soft.ware presents a precarious dream fulfilled by excessive commodification.

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"We Are Happy in the Pool" and "Untitled Piece" 

"My Day Off"

Daniel Jonas

DIY (Do It Yourself)

Jonas scrutinizes purpose and communication through the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) lens, drawing on the inherent uses of ready-made objects and home decoration to explore how we communicate with one another. In a series of sculptures somewhere between furniture and decoration, Jonas looks to highlight the struggles and highlights of sharing a home with a family.

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Ikenna Umeh


Umeh illustrates a whole new world within his graphic novel, a heroing story about an engineer stranded on a boat at sea. Still reeling from his crew's loss, the engineer begins his journey to overcome his grief and anxiety by confronting the monster. All this is done to find a better future.

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