BTU Database

The BTU Database is Towson University’s tool for capturing, measuring, and sharing information related to partnerships and community engagement efforts.

All faculty, staff, and students collaborating with an external partner are asked to submit their information through the BTU Database Form and complete an annual update to ensure that information captured is up to date.

Why submit your partnership?

Partnership and community engagement efforts captured in the BTU Database are eligible for:

  • Elevated exposure of their work, as the BTU Database serves as the primary source for reporting partnership efforts to TU leadership and in external communications.   
  • Funding opportunities to enhance and bolster the partnership efforts.
  • Communication related to BTU events and support opportunities.
  • Impact and outcomes measurement as well as external feedback from associated partners.

What types of Partnerships are captured?

The BTU Database captures any work taking place between TU faculty, staff, and students, and an external entity. This includes but is not limited to schools, community groups, federal, local, and state government agencies, foundations, healthcare providers, nonprofits, sponsors, businesses, economic development organizations, and arts and cultural entities.

With the vast array of partnerships, the following partnership types are utilized within the BTU Database to comprehensively capture and categorize all partnership work.

  • Emerging Idea: An idea, conversation, or developing concept for a new relationships or partnership.
  • One-time Collaboration: A single or short-term activity with a beginning and an end date.
  • Ongoing Relationships: Collaborations between TU and an outside entity with a formal or informal agreement in place, working toward mutually beneficial outcomes, with no estimated end date.
  • Transactional: Engagements that are limited to financial support through sponsorships.

The BTU Database is a resource for faculty, staff, students, and community partners.

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The map displays a list of partners currently working with Towson University.

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If you have any questions about whether or not your engagement is already captured in the BTU Database or if you'd like to explore how your college or division can receive and utilize the information captured in the BTU Database, contact .