Towson University values its relationships and partnerships with non-profits, municipalities, businesses, schools, government agencies, and neighborhoods.

TU is committed to positive impacts, making a difference, and transforming lives in the Greater Baltimore region – but we don’t do this work alone. We do it through partnerships.

President Schatzel has made the support and growth of partnerships a top priority. BTU—Partnerships at Work For Greater Baltimore—is one of eight presidential priorities that are linked to and aligned with Towson University’s strategic plan. These eight priorities will help us build a stronger foundation for Towson University’s promising future.

In science, BTU represents a unit of work, power, or energy, and that’s exactly what Towson University is investing into our partnerships to make Greater Baltimore thrive. ”

Kim Schatzel, Towson University President

BTU is about elevating the work that we’re already doing with our partners throughout Greater Baltimore to better address the needs of the region. We look forward to working with you to make Greater Baltimore even better.

Defining the work

BTU Goals

BTU strives to support TU and its partners from the start of an idea to gathering resources for partnerships to flourish. 

  • Support faculty, staff, and students in engaging partnership work
  • Listen and serve as a front door for external organizations
  • Identify, capture, and determine the scope of our partnerships and collaborations
  • Coordinate campus resources
  • Evaluate impacts and outcomes
  • Align TU's work for greater impact
  • Recognize and reward this work
BTU Activities 

All activities take place in collaboration with a BTU network partner. 

  • Applied research and contractual services
  • Community-based research
  • Community service
  • Economic development
  • Educational collaborations
  • Outreach events
  • Health promotion
  • Internships, practicum, and clinicals
  • Service learning
  • Social and community development
  • Extension programs and training 
BTU Impact

Five BTU impact areas have been established to organize our work and position us to better address the needs of Greater Baltimore. 

BTU Engagements

BTU engagements each have different needs, depending on their scope. The following have been identified to define each BTU engagement and ensure that the appropriate level of support is provided to reach its goals.

  • Transactional—Engagements that are limited to financial support including development and fundraising efforts as sponsors and in-kind gifts
  • Emerging Idea—An idea, conversation, or developing concept for a new relationship or partnership. The faculty or staff member may already have a connection with this community partner and hopes to develop a defined relationship
  • One-Time Collaboration—A single or short-term activity with a beginning and an end date taking place in partnership between TU and an outside entity. These collaborations have no formal agreement to continue the collaboration in future years or semesters
  • Ongoing Collaboration—Collaborations between TU and an outside entity with a formal or informal agreement in place, working toward mutually beneficial outcomes, with no estimated end date.