Partner with Towson University

Interested in exploring a partnership with Towson University? We want to hear from you.

Towson University is always interested in exploring new opportunities to match the needs, resources, and expertise of our faculty, staff, and students, to those of the community. Here are a few ways that Towson University engages with partner organizations:

  • Obtaining one-time or ongoing community-based volunteer support with faculty, staff, students, or alumni
  • Elevating local small, minority-owned, and veteran-owned businesses to encourage procurement relationships
  • Hosting or collaborating on events that provide benefits to our campus and surrounding communities
  • Providing job, internship, practicum, and clinical opportunities for students and alumni
  • Supporting organizations needs related to geospatial data analysis, economic and policy analysis, and IT consulting
  • Working with faculty, staff, students, and other community partners to conduct research and develop collaborative programming to address community needs aligned with the following impact areas:
    • High-quality and equitable education
    • Strong neighborhoods and sustainable communities
    • Thriving and competitive economy
    • Lifelong health & well-being
    • Vibrant arts and cultural community

Once you’ve considered potential collaborations, complete the form below and a representative from the Office of Partnerships & Outreach will be in touch.


Support for existing partnerships


All external partners captured in the BTU Database will be asked to provide feedback on how their partnership work with Towson University is going on an annual basis. However, if you have feedback, questions, or concerns about your collaboration, contact the Office of Partnerships & Outreach at any time.

Funding and Transportation

BTU provides multiple financial and transportation resources aimed to align, scale, sustain, and institutionalize community engagement partnerships and efforts. Feel free to explore BTU funding and transportation support and work with the TU faculty or staff representative you are partnered with to request support for your partnership.